Author: Inanna

Air Pollution and its Detrimental Impacts on the Human Health

The issue that I am focusing on is air pollution and the array of negative impacts that air pollution can have on the human health. I am passionate about this issue because it is an issue that society often overlooks due to disregarding the magnitude of its consequences. However, it is important for society to realize that this issue is as significant and detrimental as many other issues that people face on a global scale, such as other forms of climate change and poverty. I believe that this is an issue that we can resolve as a society if we work both as individuals and with organizations that are focused on resolving climate related issues.


As I gathered research pertaining to my topic, I discovered a lot about air pollution. I learned that air pollution is now the fourth highest risk factor for premature deaths, which accentuates the need for us to act on the issue. Before starting the project, I was aware that air pollution was negatively affecting the health of people all over the world, especially those living in developing countries with poor air quality. However, researching this topic has emphasized just how extensive the issue is through statistics and charts published by organizations that specifically research this form of climate change.