Should Illegal Immigration be allowed to stay in the US or be deported?

The issue is whether illegal immigrants be deported or be allowed to stay in the US. I am passionate about this issue because this is a serious issue that can change or shape a country’s political viewpoint about immigrants. Before starting this project I know many people, such as women, men and senior citizens are being deported back to their home country. Many have experience hardships in their home country and tried to escape these problems by coming to the US. By coming to the US gives them the opportunity to find a better job/life. Illegal immigrants can benefit a country.

Many people suggest to let illegal immigrants to stay in the US. For example, there are about 70% that agree to let stay, while only about 20% think they should be deported. It is important to understand immigrants are the ones that make a more diverse and cultural society. Without them, we could not have the different kinds of music, food, language, ethnicity, culture in this country. They are the building blocks of today’s world.


The issue that is discussed in this video is Islamophobia. Islamophobia is the intense fear/hatred people have towards Muslims. Therefore, it puts the lives of many innocent Muslims in danger since people are not afraid to commit any acts of violence against them. Islamophobia has resulted in the death of many Muslim people including children and adults, not only that but it has resulted in many public offenses such as verbal or physical abuse.

Islamophobia is a dangerous epidemic that is taking over the minds of many people. It needs to be stopped or prevented from spreading in a way so that Muslims do not have to fear for their lives when going outside just because they practice a faith. They are not at fault for the things that are going on around the world, so why must they pay for it? Islamophobia is a disease that is entirely based on media coverage and little knowledge about Islam. People are judging the religion based on what the media says, they do not know much about the religion yet they are still committing hate crimes against peaceful people that have nothing to do with the horrible events that were carried out by people that belong to no religion. We are doing exactly what the terrorists want, we are separating the Islamic body from society we are letting them tear apart society and people. If Islamophobia goes on we are letting the enemies win because we are tearing down our own soldiers.

Before this research project, I knew the reputation that Islam once held in the world is now regressing. People believe that the religion of Islam is based on violence and repression. People believe that this religion is “disgusting” and those that follow this horrible religion should be reprimanded for doing so. However, what I did not know was how unpopular America’s views on Muslims were. I knew that there were some ignorant people in the world that believe anything that comes across them, but what I did not know was that so many people in America are naive from children to adults.

Muslims are being killed and harassed in public for crimes that they did not commit therefore, it is time that we stop this hate and instead we unite as a whole and do our best to fight terrorism.

What is Global Warming and How Can We Take Action to Prevent It?

The issue that I am discussing is global warming. I am passionate about this issue because this is our home and just like our houses and apartments, if we don’t take care of it our home will fall apart and be damaged. Also, if we don’t do anything about this now it might be impossible to save the environment as well as ourselves from the harms that await us in the future. Before this project, I knew what climate change is, what its causes are, and what the effects of this issue are. Now, after doing more research, I was able to find out more allies that will help us solve this issue, what are the possible solutions to prevent this conflict, and how many victims are actually impacted by this problem. Thus, I hope this video informs people and lets them know how destructive and important this conflict is so that together we can take action and start working towards preventing global warming from causing further harm to our planet.

Is the Death Penalty Fair?

I am passionate about this issue because it is a life or death situation and in most cases involving the death penalty, the convicted don’t deserve to die. In extreme instances, innocent lives are taken away. The authoritative figures in this country have the power to stop it and save lives.

Before starting this project, I didn’t know much about the project, except for the fact that some of the prosecuted are innocent and that lethal injections and electrocutions are used to end their lives. I also knew that it isn’t as common as it once was and is only used if the criminal performs a mass felony, such as mass murder or treason.

Now, after doing the project, I know that the death penalty involves much more than an innocent or guilty verdict. Race plays a large part into who is sentenced to the death penalty and most prosecutors are white, giving the Caucasian race an advantage. I also found out that different states accept different ways of performing the penalty and that it has more opposers than I thought.

A Man-Made Tragedy: The Impacts of Global Warming

Global warming is the observed rise in the average temperature of the Earth’s surface temperature. Since humans have been on Earth they have taken it for granted and have taken advantage of the fossil fuels it contains. Greenhouse gases are released in excess due to the pollution from burning fossil fuels to produce goods at a cheaper price, trees being cut down to clear land for buildings for human use, and other ways fossil fuels are used for human gain. This makes the Earth significantly warmer as greenhouse-gases get trapped in the atmosphere. The entire Earth is put at risk. Humans and other species are harmed and if no action is taken, the lifestyles of many can be permanently altered or some societies can cease to exist. It is important to help prevent global warming since its effects are irreversible but if people take action to prevent it, it can be controlled. It seems overwhelming due to all of the terrible impacts it has for everything on earth, however if action is taken right away and many become aware of the issue and simple ways they can reduce their negative impact, the humans who caused this problem, can end it. They can become aware of those who support the prevention of climate change and the knowledge they gain from allies and concern they have can turn

into motivation to do better to preserve the Earth.


Before beginning this project I knew multiple facts about global warming and knew how the greenhouse gas effect was directly related to it. I also knew that global warming is irreversible and that many large companies do not care about the issue because they desire a larger profit from their goods and many economies have become dependent on the burning of fossil fuels. After completing the project I had learned that using sustainable and renewable resources to manufacture goods may be more costly but they are better for society in the long run. I had also learned more about many organizations who want to help control climate change and how many focus on a few specific impacts of climate change. I have also learned of simple ways that people can get reduce their carbon-footprint to help the many victims of global warming, especially those who cannot help and are not responsible for humans enhancing the greenhouse effect and thus, are responsible for enhancing global warming.


DACA: Dreamers Path to a Clean Dream Act


The issue is about DACA- Deferred action for Childhood arrivals. It was a policy made for children who were illegally brought into the country providing them with a work permit and a temporary status that protected them from deportation. The policy was made by Obama and the so called DREAMERS were safe up until this year that Trump ended DACA leaving many DREAMERS with their lives on a limbo since they can’t renew work permits nor can they do anything if the work permits already expired.

I am very passionate about this issue because DREAMERS are all over this country not only are they people that we know but they are teenagers just like us. They have gone through the same things, they have fought to get an education and to provide for themselves and their families. The fact that they contribute to the economy and try to do everything they can to stay within the law. The thing is that now many of these teens are left with their lives hanging by a thread because now they are not protected against deportation nor can they get a work permit anymore. Without this people my age and older can’t work and live in fear every day of being deported and separated from their loved ones. I believe that these children and their families were just looking for a better future for their kids and yes they did enter illegally but that does not make them any different compared to us. They were born and raised here, this is their country and that shouldn’t be defined by  piece of documentation , we’re all here to truly pursue that American Dream.

I knew a lot about the issue including the benefits and how the DREAMERS were affected by the ending of DACA. Additionally, I also knew about the 3.6 million Dreamers in this country and how currently approximately 800,000 people are enrolled in DACA. Doing this project I was able to learn more about the amount of current DACA recipients living in our country throughout each state. I also learned more about the Clean Dream Act as well as the amount of groups and awareness that this topic has and how many people support it. I was also very impressed by the youth and how persistent they are, they haven’t stopped fighting for congress to do something regarding DACA and it’s hopeful recipients.


Model Minority Myth: Helpful or Harmful?

The “model minority” myth. What exactly is it? Is it something that someone made up in order to make himself/herself feel good? Or is it something that was made to harm others? Well, it can be both.


From my prior knowledge, the “model minority” myth is a false statement that all Asian-Americans are very intelligent, hard-working, and successful. However, this is not always the case. There are always people who don’t fit into the stereotype that was shaped for their race or ethnicity, making them feel like they don’t belong or that they’re inferior to others just like them.



As an Asian-American, there have been times in my life when people would stereotype me to be the “smart Asian girl who always gets A+’s”. I feel like because people have only focused on the stereotype, they forget that Asian-Americans are just as human as they are. Additionally, there are other Asian-Americans who don’t fit into this mold: they might not be as smart, hard-working, or successful as this stereotype calls them to be. Because of the pressure that society places on them, they feel the need to be part of the “model minority”; they feel the need to fit in.



When I first started this project, my goal was to bring attention to this myth and show the harm in it. Through my research, I have seen that the general Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPIs) population is very intelligent, successful, and hard-working. As I dug deeper, I realized that different races have different experiences from others. Some races aren’t prospering as much as others, in fact, they are doing poorly in comparison. This just shows that not all AAPIs are capable of fitting in. Through this video, I want to show you that if you’re an AAPI, it’s okay to not fit into something that you weren’t made to fit into.


Middle East: The Opression of its Women

The issue that is discussed in the video is the oppression of women residing in the Middle East. I’m passionate about this issue because in western countries, such as America or the United Kingdom’s have made great strides changing age old laws to help women and have helped women achieve the same opportunities that men have. However, it’s infuriating to see that women aren’t treated as equals or even as human beings in Middle Eastern countries. That whole region is living in the dark ages. Many people usually ignore the serious injustices happening over in the Middle East, but it’s time to shine light on a problem that is only making small improvements.

      I knew about many of the horrible laws women in the Middle East are subjected to by their government. Saudi Arabia is notorious for keeping their women chained up and more or less as property. By law, women in Saudi Arabia must wear a burqa and hijab outside, they must be accompanied by their husbands or male relatives when outside, they aren’t allowed to own property by themselves, they must have permission from their ex-husbands if they want to marry again, when divorced they have no ownership of their kids, etc. If any of this happened in America, riots would be happening everyday. After I did my research and made that video, I learned how the oppression of women came to be so severe in the Middle East. I learned about how politics were the reason that the Middle East is in the state it is in today. The research opened my eyes to the many ways women are starting to fight back against their oppressors and what change they’ve been able to obtain so far.

Unit 3 Project Submission (Mar 27, 2018 at 9_15 PM) (1)

Lack of Clean Water in Africa

The issue my video is on is the lack of clean water that various parts of Africa are facing and have been facing for many years. The topic is very important and I am very passionate about it because water is a very important necessity and many people are struggling to have access to clean water. Therefore, I found this issue to be essential to address.

Before starting this project, I knew the basics such as how some people are dying because they are consuming dirty water and countries like South Africa are experiencing this conflict the most. I also knew that in Cape Town, which is a prominent city in South Africa, is currently in a situation where they don’t have a lot of clean water. I also had a general idea where we can create websites in order to help the Africans who need water.

After doing the research and completing the project, I now know that the residents of Cape Town were living off of 50 liters of water per day, they could only flush once a day and they had to take a shower using only 10 liters of water. I also found out that since there was a lack of clean water, people are getting diseases as a result of their hygiene. Other relevant facts that I discovered were that Nairobi’s water system was built only for half of a million people, but currently the population is 4 million. Conflicts related to a water crisis may occur there. A solution that I came upon during my research was that the spread of the life straw, which is a device that filters out dirty water, can help Africans in need of clean water. We can also join established organizations such as those working on the “water project” and help them in giving water to Africa. As a result, Africa has been losing water for slowly throughout the years and it is time that we begin to help them.


The Overlooked Tragedy… Animal Abuse

The issue is animal abuse. I am passionate about this issue because it is usually overlooked. Most people don’t consider this problem as important as other social conflicts. I believe that the same amount of action that is being taken to prevent other issues that involve human lives should used to prevent this tragedy. This is because the lives of animals is equally as important as the lives of humans.

Before I started this project, I knew that the victims are the animals that are being abused by their owners. They are innocent animals that probably have done nothing to harm their owners. However they are still being punished and hurt for no reason. They are at a disadvantage because they are unable to fight for themselves or get help from a person who cares. I also knew that the culprits are the people who are abusing the pets without anybody noticing. Now I know that there are so many different ways in which animals can be secretly harmed by humans. Most of these ways are unreasonable and unnecessary. I also found out that most people who abuse their pets or any animals are usually people that want to gain superiority over other people by threatening to hurt animals. These people gain advantage by empowering themselves by the disadvantage of the animals. Also, people who abuse animals are more likely to abuse humans.


Climate Change

     The issue that I am doing in my video is known as climate change. Climate change is a long-term change in the earth’s climate, especially a change due to an increase in the average atmospheric temperature. In other words, climate change is a change in the usual weather found in a place. Climate can be thought of as the average or typical weather conditions we experience. Scientists know that climate varies naturally on many timescales and they know that people are affecting climate – particularly through emissions of greenhouse gases.  The reason why I am passionate about the issue is that I am very interested in travelling, the environment, and help the world become a better place. Therefore, I decided that I should do climate change because it fits all three categories I am interested in.

    What I knew about climate change before the video was that it was a change in the earth’s climate and how it may lead to a change in temperature. I also knew that it is often caused by the emission of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas effects. This can be detrimental for both humans and animals in the environment because it can cause sea levels to rise, contribute to wildfires, and can cause extreme weathers to take place. What I know now is that climate change can also cause human health to deteriorate. Some interesting things I found in my research was that since climate change was linked to wildfires. Wildfire smokes carry fine particles that can penetrate your lungs, and can lead to burning eyes, heart and lung disease, and even death. In fact, I also learned that it can lead to vector borne diseases.  

Racism in the United States Needs to End in Order to Contain Equality

The issue I discussed in this video revolves around Racism in the United States. I am passionate about this issue because it hasn’t been resolved since the colonial era. This issue is very significant yet nowadays people act as if it doesn’t exist since racism in a sense got better. However, these people must know that you can never just push away a problem because the conflict will come back to haunt you. In the past, activists have tried solving this conflict but they were never fully successful. If the activists start receiving aid from the victims, there is a chance racism can be solved. Yet individuals should acknowledge that this issue is not easy to be fixed. Some people have racism installed in their minds which is quite challenging to remove.

Before starting this project I didn’t know much about racism. All I knew was that racism was discrimination against a specific race. Plus from background knowledge, I knew that in the past the whites believed that they were the more superior race in the United States which is why slavery existed. Slaves were treated as if they weren’t human. However, after doing research I found out that there were many hate groups towards different races in the United States. Surprisingly the KKK stills exist. Plus the average unemployment rate in the United States for blacks is higher than for the average rate for whites. In addition, I have learned that the things Donald Trump suggested about Muslims and African Americans made racism more accepted. Thus, to end racism America should have a better president that believes everyone is equal. A president is supposed to be a good role model for its citizens and at the moment Donald Trump is setting a bad example for the United States by being racist. 

Gun-Control Movement

In our modern issue — about guns and murders; is a somewhat-considerably a serious matter of our community. It is an issue in which we can’t ignore because people use guns for violence and violence is an act of terror to our community. Guns brings chaos and force among the weak. Villains usually use these guns as an opportunity for their greed and desires. Thus, the issue presented is simply: “guns are affecting our humanity which creates an insecure social lives of many citizens.” It cannot be ignore because I am sure that you and me as well as countless other people do not want to die… yet.


LGBTQ rights







 The issue I am passionate about is LGBTQ rights and discrimination. I’m very passionate about this because they deserve to be treated like human beings. They deserve to have an end to unfair treatment because they love in a “different” way. Having friends that are gay and such it’s not fair anyone is treated less for what they are.

        I knew about the discrimination and little laws that partook to help them reach equality. However, now I kno

w how big discrimination truly is. It’s not a small number like I thought, people had to struggle a lot in the past. I also learned that gay marriage is legal and other laws are being used to protect them. An interesting fact I learned is that 1 out of every 10 people is gay, which I find very interesting.

LGBTQIA+ : Respect is the Gay Agenda

The LGBTQIA+ movement has become more well known throughout America. This movement fights for more acceptance of those in the community, seeking for the right to be who they are and love however they want regardless of gender and sex. I have been passionate about this issue for a long while, especially more when I had heard that gay marriage was legal in 2015. That was when the LGBTQIA+ community gained much more support nationwide, but also much more outspoken hate nationwide. For me, there was a need to speak out for the community. As someone whose friends are all a part of the LGBTQIA+ —myself included—it became much more relevant to address the issue. I have known my own friends online whose last goodbye was when they had to go to conversion therapy, saying that their parents cannot accept that they “associate” themselves with “those” people. Friends who were (and still are) in pain because their parents said they felt uncomfortable with who they are. That should not happen, not today, not any day.

The movement has been going around in America for so long and has become so prevalent that it is impossible to ignore. As someone who grew up with social media and in a diverse part of the nation, I had already known some things about the topic before going into in-depth research. For instance, I knew most of the reasons why homophobia exists, and I knew what misunderstandings went into those reasons. There are reasons such as differing interpretations of religion, or growing up in a household that follows “traditions.” In addition, I have known of the hate crimes, the families disowning their children scenario, the discriminating work places, and the high suicide rates. But, I don’t just know of other people hating on the LGBTQIA+, but like in every group, there are those that create hate inside the community. I know that a handful of the LGBTQIA+ blame an entire religion for hate, which is also not right. There is even phobia in the community. The most prevalent is biphobia and ace erasure, in which they are always put into the spotlight as people who “cannot make up their minds” or “special.” Those is just the things that I had known from common knowledge and not from research.

As I went into the research, I began by going to LGBTQIA+ statistics. The percentage of people in America who are LGBT in 2017 was a lot smaller than I thought. However, it is ever growing in percentage as each year goes, and that percentage is growing exponentially. This is not counting those who have yet to come out of the closet or those who have not discovered themselves yet. Another thing is, I did not know that bisexuals are more likely to be sexually harassed than lesbians, gays, and heterosexuals. I compiled all of the information into the slides and combined it with all of the information I knew (and confirmed through research).



Gender Pay Gap

The issue I have decided to focus on is the pay gap between men and women. Due to this, there is a disparity between men and women. In the workforce, females tend to receive a lower wage whether they work the same hours or the same quality as men would.

I am passionate about the this issue because it is the 21st Century and these conflicts should not even exist. Women receive the shorter the end of the stick no matter how much they put into their jobs. Although this does not occur throughout the whole workforce, a significant amount of women are treated less than men.

Before starting this project, I generally had an idea of the pay gap between men and women. I knew that men generally get more money than women but what I did not know was how huge the difference is. After researching this issue, I have realized that the men’s wage practically double the amount women get. Not only that, but men in all of United States get paid more compared to women. I initially thought that women generally have equal wage with men. However, all the statistics I gathered proved that women do not even come close as to how much men receive which I found ironic. America is known for its just ways, freedom and equality. And yet, the pay gap between male and females are great, nonetheless.

Air Pollution and its Detrimental Impacts on the Human Health

The issue that I am focusing on is air pollution and the array of negative impacts that air pollution can have on the human health. I am passionate about this issue because it is an issue that society often overlooks due to disregarding the magnitude of its consequences. However, it is important for society to realize that this issue is as significant and detrimental as many other issues that people face on a global scale, such as other forms of climate change and poverty. I believe that this is an issue that we can resolve as a society if we work both as individuals and with organizations that are focused on resolving climate related issues.


As I gathered research pertaining to my topic, I discovered a lot about air pollution. I learned that air pollution is now the fourth highest risk factor for premature deaths, which accentuates the need for us to act on the issue. Before starting the project, I was aware that air pollution was negatively affecting the health of people all over the world, especially those living in developing countries with poor air quality. However, researching this topic has emphasized just how extensive the issue is through statistics and charts published by organizations that specifically research this form of climate change.



Gender Inequality

In the world of professional sports the inequality between male and female is astonishing especially when you take a look at the difference in salaries. Since the beginning of time males have always been the one who were depended. The Kings and Monarchs position of different societies filled by men.

In all sports across the board male athletes are paid significantly more than women. In an attempt to close the major gap many female athletes play in overseas leagues during their offseason in order to earn more money. They can typically earn 15 times more overseas than playing in the US.

Not only is this a huge issue regarding money however the attention that is put on Women’s sports are significantly less than their male counterparts. Young girls like me can be discouraged by the lack of equality leading to young promising athletes to give up on their dreams at one day becoming a professional athlete.


The Problem of Islamophobia

The issue that I will be discussing in this video is that of Islamophobia. There has been a rise in those against Muslims in recent years due to the attack on the twin towers in 2001. However, most of the crimes committed in the U.S. that qualify as terrorist attacks, have been committed by white men. This is one of the reasons I am so passionate about this issue. I have friends who are Muslim and they are some of the nicest people I know. I don’t know if they’ve ever been discriminated against, but if they have, it’s because the perpetrator knew nothing about my friends. There’s this prejudice surrounding Muslims due to the actions of others, and that’s due to a lack of misinformation, and the spread of the idea through media, that Muslims are generally not good people.

Before I really researched this topic, the one thing that I remember about it was the fact that Muslims are not the ones who have been harming the U.S. in the past couple years. In 2016, when Trump got elected, my history teacher printed out a handout detailing the most violent terrorist attacks that had been committed in recent years. What my classmates and I realized was that these terrorist attacks were committed by white men born in the U.S., with no ties to Islam. After doing more research, I realized just how widespread this issue is, with hundreds of crimes committed against Muslims in the year of 2016. I also discovered that Islam takes up the second largest percentage of the world’s population, at 24.1% in 2015, according to Pew Research. This made me realize just how important it was to make sure that people know how many innocent Muslims that are out there, and how many of them need our help, and that people must learn to stop discriminating against Muslims.

Nursing Home Abuse: Harming the Helpless

The issue of nursing home abuse is not a new one. Reports of serious abuse have been around for over a decade, yet still there is not much awareness about it. Vulnerable nursing home patients are subjected to all kinds of abuse, ranging from physical, to financial, to even sexual abuse. Nursing home facilities are not up to the necessary standards. Patients are exposed to life threatening illnesses, and unfortunately, the government does not seem to care.

I am passionate about this issue because there is no reason why ill elderly individuals, who are practically helpless, should be subjected to abuse. Nursing homes do not provide services to people for free, which is all the more reason why it is ridiculous that this abuse is occurring. To add on, people are often more concerned with controversial issues, or issues that only affect them. I think it is equally important to care about and raise concerns about issues that don’t directly affect us.

Before this project, I knew very vague things about the issue. I knew that there was physical and psychological abuse occurring, but not sexual and financial abuse. I also knew that the nursing homes are not in good condition. However, after this project, I now know that patients are exposed to life threatening illnesses and I also now know about the different kinds of abuse they face. I am also now informed that the issue is all across the US, and that most people underestimate the abuse that occurs.


Poverty: A problem worldwide

Poverty is a major issue that exists within society. It is the state of being extremely poor and lacking necessities. Families around the world struggle from not having water, food, and shelter.

I am passionate about this issue because many people need to be informed about the severity of poverty. It hurts children, which are the future of the society. The families in poverty are not getting much aid and they desperately need help.

Before research, I knew that many suffered from poverty. I have seen the pictures of hunger in children and how skinny many of them became. After researching about poverty, I have recognized that many families are in poverty while there are billionaires with plenty of money. In the United States, there are still plenty of families that are in poverty due to expensive housing and taxes.

Panda Vulnerability

Pandas are a vulnerable species that reside in only China, they are vulnerable because of habitat destruction and poaching. Pandas are kind animals who live in peaceful forests wanting nothing more than to lie, but humans have destroyed their homes and taken their lives. Pandas used to be endangered animals but thanks to the hard efforts of many people their population has started to increase slowly through the last decade. After completing this project I have become more knowledge on the current state of pandas and what needs to be done to protect these friendly animals. Pandas need to be treated like any other species of animals with love and care. They are solely dependent on the forest for survival so it is inevitable that they will disappear if people don’t protect the bamboo forests.


Racial Discrimination in the Film Industry

My issue is on racial discrimination in the film industry. I am passionate about this topic because as a performer of color, opportunities for work is very limited. I knew that there were racists directors causing such a problem before starting this project. However, I now know that there is a stigma that only white male casted movies are successful which prevents diversity in Hollywood.Unit 3 Project Submission (Mar 26, 2018 at 6_18 PM)

Anyone can have a Learning Disability around you

It’s important for me to graduate high school because I will have better opportunities with a diploma. I can get better jobs that pay more than the jobs you get without a diploma. The military also requires a high school diploma, and I have that as a goal for my future for training and education. To reach my goal, what I have to do is pass all of my classes and study hard for the Regents exams I need to take, and also for the ASVAB (the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery).

Another reason why I want to graduate so badly is because I want to show my family that I can do it; I want to say “if you can do it, I can do it, too.” I want to follow the members of my family who have gone to college in their success even if I do something other than college.

Well I work at a community center. In the center they offer after-school classes for special needs kids (and other kids of course).  One of the things that I enjoy about my job is that I’ve found that working with those kids really made me understand how they feel sometimes, and it’s really meaningful because my little brother has a learning disability and doing this make me understand how my brother feels when he doesn’t understand the work from school. At the center there’s this boy whose name is Alaija who really loves me. Every time he sees me he smiles and asks me when I am coming back to see him and to help him with his homework.

My little brother’s disability has made me change my behavior. Before I knew that my brother had a lability I used to make fun of him without knowing that he had that type of disability. Another thing that I was really annoyed by was the way he used to get treated in school. One of the teachers used to say that “he’s coming to school for no reason.” When she said that I got really mad because regardless of the situation that my brother was going through, that teacher did not have the right to say that to my brother. There was this one teacher who noticed that my brother had a disability and she called my grandma at that time and she recommended him for a school that is good for kids with learning disabilities. Now he’s doing way better and he’s learning much more. Another thing I’m happy about is that he knows how to read now.

The Myanmar Refugees

The issue I am discussing in my video are the Myanmar refugees. They are a group of refugees from Myanmar who have been treated unfair in the last decade. They have escaped from the violence that they have witnesses and have crossed borders into Bangladesh, India, China, and many more countries seeking help. They are all in terrible conditions, all suffering from starvation, disease, and dehydration. No one is taking care of them and their problems aren’t being discussed. No one should be treated so badly no matter what and these refugees are being harassed everyday even though they are innocent. Making this video helps me take part in the issue by spreading awareness of the abuse they go through.

Before starting this project, I knew that they have fled persecution from the Myanmar government and are living in poor conditions. After research on these refugees, I learned about the horrifying things that has happened to them. Many were killed and the stories are never ended. I also learned that there are donation websites that gives aid to these refugees along with agencies who bring them the care they need.

Unit 3 Project Submission (Mar 26, 2018 at 8_00 PM)

Racial Discrimination and Gender Inequality

Too many people are being treated poorly and unfairly because of their skin color or because of their gender. White people are being paid much more than black people and it is easier for males to be more successful in the workplace than females. I am passionate about this issue because everyone has the same rights but some people are being treated like they have less rights than others and this needs to be stopped. Before, I only knew about people being treated differently. However, after doing this project, I understood a lot more about how different people were being treated and this is not okay.
Unit 3 Project Submission (Mar 26, 2018 at 10_14 PM)

Discrimination in the Job Industry


The issue iIfocused on was discrimination in the job industry. The focus was more on pay and hiring as well as treatment of minorities. In my project, I discuss what rights women and employees of color have on top of possible solutions. I am passionate about this topic because as a female of color, I’d like to know what troubles i may face when i enter adulthood and go into a career.


Before i started this project, I was semi-aware of what groups get the short end of the stick when it came to wages and hiring. Women and people outside of the caucasian group were bound to face these instances. However, what id did not know is how little protection these minorities get from these instances. For example, a law was passed almost 30 years ago that protected women from lower wages than a man of the same job. Another this i learned is that there is no similar laws for people of different ethnicities.


Ban Elephant Poaching

Thousands of elephants are dying every day, due to the violent poaching of hunters. They are hunting down the elephants to get their tusks, so they can use the tusks in items used for human enjoyment. We must not allow this cruel punishment happen to the elephants and we must make a change before it is too late.

Modern Slavery

Throughout the world many people experience unfair work conditions that are both torturous and inhumane. Shedding light upon this topic allows for more people to understand and strengthen their knowledge on the topic and how we can combat this. I am passionate about this issue because it pains me to see all these people suffering to produce products that we use in our everyday lives. Understanding that some of the things that I had owned were made by someone who was in this position. Prior to this project I knew that there were sweatshops and people who were contained in condition, however once studying the topic I began to widen my view of this situation.


This video will demonstrate my understanding of this worldwide problem and statistics that demonstrate the impact that it has on our world today. By focusing more on how much these people earn, we can begin to see how unfair their situation is. Allowing for the a greater understanding of how their income deprives them from basic needs and how much they have to work for an amount we consider nothing,


All in all, the making of this video had led to a greater sense of sympathy for these people left in this situation. However, together if we strive for a greater tomorrow we can overcome these evils and create a better world for everyone.