The issue that is discussed in the video is poverty in education. To be exact, children are getting a lack of education in some countries. I am trying to bring awareness to this issue as well as inform people about it. I am passionate about this issue because I feel like everyone should get equal education or an education period. I feel like children are the future and by not getting sufficient education then they are limited in making a change. I want this problem to be solved around the world because we can give everyone who wants an education an opportunity to get it. It isn’t fair that children can’t get education because of their country and government. Bringing awareness to the issue will make it a priority to give more children opportunities to go to school.

      Moreover, before doing research on this issue I knew that many kids were affected by the lack of education. I knew that these kids were not given an opportunity to get education because their country couldn’t afford to build schools. I already knew that Africa was very affected by this issue because of the lack of money that they have. Ii knew another reason as to why children weren’t given education is because their countries believed that work was more important than getting an education. Furthermore, after I researched I learned that about 32 million children haven’t even gone to primary school. I didn’t realize there were so many children who weren’t able to go to school. I also learned that some countries are war zones so they aren’t able to build school since war is taking place. Finally, I learned that a useful ally was UNICEF because they give countries money and even build schools for countries.



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  1. Ainsley 11 months ago

    Education should be a priority. It is such an important aspect of life and it is a gift not recognized by those who receive it. I also didn’t know so many children weren’t given any education. One thing you might also want to look at to further your research is the lack of education spending in the U.S. It is not nearly as bad as some countries, but for being a wealthy country with much power, our government seems not to care an awful lot about education. Some states have many schools that are doing 4 day school weeks because there isn’t enough funding. Often teachers have to pay out of pocket for school supplies for their kids. Fewer people are going into teaching.
    I’ve included a link to CNN that covers the recent Oklahoma teacher walkout. I think you’ll find it very interesting.

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