Stress is a word often heard when someone has a distortion or disruption in what they would hope to be an easy and trouble-less day. Some stress is as simple as the shoelace broke and it is a difficult size to find a replacement or they are worried about a loved one who was just in a terrible accident. Either way, it has disrupted the basic flow of the day. Many may say stress is an overused word but everyone experiences it including children.

There are many levels and too many issues for someone to dismiss what others feel as not stressful. When you go to google and look up the definition it will give you the definition of a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. But with stress being a diversity of many situations some may see a difference in definition.

I have a stepbrother with special needs, with him his stress may be that he can’t do something that everyone else can do his age. For a senior in high school stress may be watching over sibling because your parents don’t want to take care of them so you have to hurry up your teens years and be that parent figure that they need in their life, or their stress may be the fact that they feel pressured to do well in high school to get into college. As a high school student, you have a stress of trying to be popular, trying to fit in with everyone else. A student in college may say that their stress is to pass all their class to graduate on time.

There is also the stress of being on their own and not failing. Other may see different things stressful such as one who had parents and grandparents who went through a genocide that trauma can get pass down through genetics. They may have stress that it could happen to their area where they live. Some have stress due to experiencing a traumatic event such as combat.

Another stress factor that one could have is seeing all the protest going on and see what the happened in the past with protest being violent or peaceful. Stress has many different effects on people such as physically, mentally and it affects those who are closest to the person who is going through stress.

Some examples of the physical effect on one who is going through stress are abdominal pain Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) from environmental stress. The onset of multiple sclerosis and lower immune system which are more severe of physical health. High blood pressure and lesser disease are the less severe of the physical effect of stress. Mental effect anger and rage which can also affect others around them. Isolation, detachment, depression, and anxiety are some other mental effect of stress. Depression is known to have an effect on the people who are around the person who is depressed, so this, as well as other mental effects, also take a toll on the family and friends.




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