I am passionate about this issue because I believe anyone who commits a crime worthy of the death penalty really deserves to suffer for their whole lives. I don’t believe they should be able to take such an easy way out. The death penalty also goes against basic rights such as the human right to life. Prior to starting this project, I knew that capital punishment was in effect in the United States and that often innocent people were wrongly sentenced to death. This is also another reason why i am passionate about this issue because I believe it is not fair for innocent lives to be taken away due to an error in the justice system. I feel that there should be more evidence required to convict someone of such a serious crime with such serious consequences. I feel that Dna evidence should be required or video evidence in order to put someone to death. This would reduce the chances of an innocent man being put to death.


After conducting my research I now know who supports capital punishment, who opposes it, how many victims there are and who those victims are. The majority of the supporters are black men and republicans. They support it because they believe it will discourage crime and the crime rate will go down. The people who oppose capital punishment are generally democrats because they believe that it has no effect on crime rate. The victims of capital punishment in the United States are mostly white men. The second largest majority is black men. I also learned that statistically, capital punishment does not lower homicide rates. In addition, the methods of capital punishment usually consist of lethal injection or electrocution. Firing squads were used three times since 1976 and gas chambers were used 11 times. The total murders since 1976 is 1472.


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