Throughout my entire life I have always seen an Asian parent being strict on their children. They want their children to get all 4’s in their elementary report card and get a 95+ average in their middle and high school grades. They want them to get into any specialized high school as it was for their “benefit”. They want them to get into an Ivy League college. Finally, they want them to become successful lawyers and doctors.
I am very passionate about this topic because, it bothers me that parents do not understand the difference between the right amount and too much pressure. They think that getting into prestigious schools ensures success in life. This may be because, previously they did not have the opportunity to be successful in life. However, they think that their children can lead a successful life. Little do they know that this negatively impacts their children. For instance these children can do drugs, develop suicidal thoughts, and become depressed. Before I did not know that there was a solution to such a problem BUT there is. The solution is, these parents just must trust their children in what they are doing and, comfort them whenever they encounter failure. In addition, these parents need to show their children that they are proud of them to ensure the best success a person can obtain.


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