Gun violence happens all over the country, one occurrence is too many. There have been many school shootings going on. We as a country need to do better to limit the amount of gun violence to a minimum so we can make sure that school shootings cease and no more innocent lives have to be taken. School is a place for me to learn, I don’t want to be paranoid while trying to get my education.


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  1. Mehak R. 1 year ago

    Dear Jacari,
    In your article, “Stand For Something!,” you talk about how gun violence affects students in school in detrimental ways. I agree with your ideas on taking a stand on this topic. To put it at the least, gun violence is truly a terrible thing. As you said, even one time is one too many. For example, in the recent Parkland, Florida shooting on February 14th, 17 innocent people died including teachers and students. They were all killed by another student who got expelled from that same school, Nicholas Cruz. School is supposed to be a safe place, a comfortable place where we can learn at our own rate, where our friends are kinda like our family. But as a matter of fact it isn’t this safe place we imagined it to be, because anything can happen. It should be a safe place, but isn’t.
    How scary is it to imagine someone from this kind-of family (friends in school or people you knew) dying because of some other person you might have known? It’s scary that even teens can also do things like school shootings. Your best friend one day might be murdered the next, or even be the murder. It’s scary to imagine someone who you thought you knew have been this whole other person all along. Several of the victims of shootings have been scarred watching others die right in front of their eyes, their friends, their kind-of family. They had to live their lives going to school the next day pretending everything was okay, even though it wasn’t, even though nothing was okay when a bunch of innocent people died the other day. This isn’t right.
    Gun violence should be taken more seriously than it has been. Something needs to be done to save all those innocent people who might die next or ever. Those people who you would never known might have been able to do something for the world once they grew up. Perhaps a person who died in a school shooting might have went on to cure cancer when they grew up. You would never know, they didn’t live.

    Mehak R.

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