Amendment number 2 in America’s bill of rights: The right of the people (of America) to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. A right that has been in effect since 1791. A right that has blended in with all of the other rights given to Americans, until recently. When a deranged teenager walked into a high school in Florida, opening fire on ex-classmates with blatant disregard for the lives of others.

Now, I understand that this was not the first tragedy that made people question whether changes to the amendment should be made, but I believe that the incident at Parkland high school was the major tipping point. As a teenage student attending a public high school, there is nothing I want less than to have what happened there, happen at my school.

I believe that there should be stricter background checks, making it harder to buy a firearm. However, criminals will more than likely get their hands on guns whether there are restrictions on them or not. They’re not the kind of people to follow rules, that’s why they’re criminals.

We as a country should work at treating people with mental illnesses before they can get their hands on a gun. If you start at the root of the problem, mental illness, you’ll see a dramatic decline. We as a country need to help the approximately 43.8 million adults struggling with mental illnesses. We need to take it more seriously. Because what happened at Parkland high school can happen anywhere.

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