The issue of my video is about child abuse. It is the maltreatment of children sexually, physically, psychologically, or even neglection. Before starting the project, I already knew that is a serious problem and that it is very common in the U.S. The most common types of child abuses were mainly physical and sexual abuses. The majority of the abusers were either relatives to the victim or parents. The cause of the abuse were probably due to family problems at home ex. Divorce.

I am passionate about this issue because this issue is directed to children around my age. It is unbelievable how someone could raise their hand to another person much less their children. There are laws passed attempting to solve this issue but not much change is happening due to it. Kids are still being abused and the abusers are still able to get away from it. After this project, what I learned more about is the statistics of child abuse in U.S. I also learned about the different organizations that work to help the victims as well as the different factors of child abuse.


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