Hi, this following video is about unemployment. It contains information on the victims of unemployment, possible solutions to it, opponents on solving the problem, and a possible ally to the problem. The video also contains graphs representing the unemployment percent based on the United States population, and unemployment based on race. There are also images illustrating the problem like millennials not being able to find jobs and a general picture showing unemployment. I am passionate about the subject because it is a major problem that I most likely will face in the future when I look for a job. It concerns almost everyone especially students like me and is a problem that needs a solution. I want to bring the problem to a bigger stage so more people can become aware of the problem and maybe bring a change or improve on the problem.

Before the project, I knew about the victims of unemployment which can be anyone especially millennials due to the increasing amount of competition and lack of developing jobs. I also knew about possible solutions to solving or bringing down unemployment like making more job opportunities by manufacturing goods in the USA, saving small businesses, and stopping our reliance on China-manufactured goods. Based on my previous knowledge, I was also knowledgeable on the people who are against these solutions like the monopolies in the USA who import goods from foreign countries due to the cost-effectiveness of it. A possible ally is the government who can help with this by taxing imported foreign goods on certain items and other things. Now, after the project, I expanded my view on the problem by learning about how the unemployment rate is going down, what races are most affected by this, what identifies a person as unemployed, and more.






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