I am passionate about this issue because I am very interested in space/space travel, and I feel that the importance of organizations such as NASA and SpaceX is often overlooked by the general public. Exploring space frontiers is a necessity for human progression, as it can help expand human knowledge about our surroundings and potentially create a “backup home” for humans during severe events such as the beginning of a nuclear war.
Before I started this project, I was aware about what NASA did but I did not fully understand the issues it had with funding. However, I was generally aware that most people didn’t understand the importance of NASA and so it wasn’t very well funded.
I now know that NASA receives approximately 0.5% of the national government funding, and that NASA’s progress is being hindered by two general ideas: presidents change every 4-8 years, and each president changes the goals and aims of various NASA projects; and people don’t fully recognize the importance of NASA as an organization, with very little focus on increasing their budgets.


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