Is it ethical to use data from Nazi medical experiments? I think that it is ethical because the nazi already did the experiments and was the point of doing the experiments if there not going to use the data if they don’t use the data it means that they people were just put in pain for no reason.i also think that we should use the data because i read about some experiments the nazi did and it said they were almost able to choose your kids eye color so i think we should use this data that way we could make our children how we want them to be the color we want there eye another reason to use the data is because they nazi already took down that data so were not do the experiments and for the families that had a family member tested on they should just get a reward of like 1,000 dollars and it was for the nazi doing experiments and they would also put the person’s name from they got the data.we should used the data because it will help us learn about thing that we don’t know about also we would be able to make our kids different from one another.in this article i read it said that we should use the data if is good but if the data is bad then we shouldn’t use they data it also said that family will get mad so it said that they could use the data without telling them and that will help us because it will help us advance and that could help us maybe find a way to prevent cancer by not letting the baby a born with a cancer genetic marker.


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