Why are you leaving me?

I can’t go back to america without you.

I can’t no I really can’t

You raised me for 13 teen years

And yet you expect me to be okay with you leaving

Well your wrong

Your leaving me with 4 of my siblings

Where not even that grown to be without you.

Mom can’t we be a normal family and stay together as a family.

While my heart having little panic attacks

About being alone

As I was pulled away from my mother screaming and otta air yelling at my Dad

Please mom

I knew there was no chance of me

Staying with mom

So I stayed quiet for my normal self

Off to jordon we went

Two plain flite and i couldn’t eat nothing.

Off we landed

our cousins meet up with us

We stayed for a week and 3 days

And I was always in tears when we head to bed

My cousin told me early in the morning

That I was a very shy person

In my soul I just wanted to break down into tears and explain

That my walls are breaking down

“You should have fun now”

She said

The next morning we left to the U.S

I was happy because I missed my

Friends and my older sister but i still wanted to be with mom.


I am now 17 years old

And yet I have not seen my

Mother nor my Father

4 years later

And I still am not

Living under the same roof as my mother

4 years and I can’t see my mother face to face

4 years and I had to be an independent

Going to school meetings without

Parents school staff ask why

I run out of words

I explain my beautiful grades to the brick wall.

11th grade I was in a huge ceremony with 3 different schools I won a scholarship

My name was all up in the crowd

But my parents who always told me

To fight for success are not her

I was all shake when they asked my parents to stand up in the crowd

People where looking around

But yet no one.

They asked where are they

I replied in a whole different country across the world.

I knew there were questions flying threw their head but a random guy stood in the audience and clapped then everyone did

I felt very happy

I forgot you were not home

I wanted to tell you but I remembered

I am now a 17 year old girl

Who is fighting for her education

An independent

I am actually thankful

I am thankful for my parents

Teaching me at a young age to be responsible

To be independent of myself

Even though I wish they were here

To see me graduate

I wish them the best and thank them the most.


CC BY-SA 4.0 The life I lived by Khlood is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Luis 2 years ago

    Dear Khlood, I am amused by your post “The life I lived” because it is an interesting story. I also thought it was very original. You did a good job.

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