There have been countless protests that have taken place in history and they range from as large as the the million man march to as small as a post on social media. Many have used protests for countless different causes, but do they really work? Do they really make a difference?

People like Michael Brown, Eric Garner,Trayvon Martin and many others were subject to arbitrary exile by police which is a direct violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 9. How many times do this have to happen before we speak out about it? If we don’t create tension we won’t create change.

Using your voice to bring about change is one of the the most simple yet effective thing one can do. The more voices that are brought together, the louder they are heard. Protests are a nonviolent way for those who are uncomfortable to put pressure on those who are comfortable. People like Martin Luther King Jr. and Ghandi have proved that peaceful protests can bring about change. Some people view protests as dangerous and unsuccessful, but who is to decide whether or not a protest is successful? Although some protests may not change things right away, they still bring awareness to the cause. When people use their voices to speak out about something that bothers them it can never be deemed unsuccessful. We can not let the fear of not being heard keep us from speaking out. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”-Martin Luther King Jr.


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