Racism is still around to this day and it is out in the open. People get racially profiled every day. If two people were to walk in the store one black one white people would suspect the black person of doing something rather than the white. I remember me and my friend ki was walking down the street and the police pulled behind us and tried to accuse us of walking behind peoples houses when he saw us walk out of a store he just seen two black females walking down the street and wanted to pick with us. Even the police shows prejudice treatment when they are the ones supposed to be helping. Another example Stephon Clark killed in his own backyard because the police had got a call of grandtheft and saw him and THOUGHT he had a gun when it was a cell phone shot twenty times. People throw hate towards blacks because there skin is a shade darker. Racism has i been around for decades , and in my opinion it will never leave but there needs to be a change!

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