The effect of bullying has changed so much within the past few years it’s becoming more and more common and there are many ties to why. Social Media being one of them in the past when kids didn’t grow up with social media and the internet wasn’t as vastly used. But now days with both of these things being our culture, kids are being bullied on the double. Older generations got to go home and not have to deal with their bully’s but kids now go home and worry constantly. So should parents be limiting their children’s capabilities on the internet. The logical answer is yes kids shouldn’t be growing up spending all of their time playing video games and staying on social media outputs like Instagram and Youtube. These places are not safe places for their young minds that don’t understand that others picture perfect world is necessarily picture perfect or better than theirs. Or that the comments posted or messages sent to them are true more than likely the bully is insecure or even jealous of your life. Parents should be spending time with their kids which would distract their kids from spending so much time on these sites. Saving the mind of just one child can make a difference and lead to saving many more. bullying photo

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  1. Curtis 10 months ago

    The idea you have about social media and bullying becoming apart of this generations culture is compelling. I’ve never thought about it in this way before, but I do agree that cyber bullying, hazing or even just “teasing” is becoming a social norm. Kids should be limited, especially younger children under 16 should have limitations to what they’re exposed to online.

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