There are people in this world that have done nothing, there are kids in this world that actually goes to school feeling safe and not knowing that they are in danger because of someone is going to come into that school and shoot them. Guns need to be out the world. People are dying left and right, INNOCENT people at that. Just imagine how their family lives are because you killed one of their loved ones. How could you walk around knowing that you killed someone? do you feel the pain that they feel when a police officer comes knocking on their door or calling their phone telling them that their friend, cousin, child, dad, mom, grandmother, granddad, aunt, uncle, has been shot and is now dead? Do you feel bad knowing that you killed someone and is now wanted? How could you just go up to people and just shoot? Are you too good enough to want to solve it with that person? Everyone has to die one day , but pointing a gun isn’t how they should go.

Still to tell it , police men shouldn’t have to feel “threatened” when there’s a black guy just reaching for what the police had asked for. The police feels like the man of the world with a gun in their hand pointing it at you. Not knowing that you’re really able to cooperate with them just so they could leave you alone. I mean guns shouldn’t be allowed to be fired unless it’s for your safety. But we all know people with guns feel the need to just to go out and kill the young , the innocent, and elder, just to feel like they did something , or to feel like they rule the world and nobody can mess with them.  It’s time to grow up. It’s time to put the guns down.


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