It is not unusual for people to think of a fashion in its basic form go to a store and buy clothes. But basic clothing is not necessary for a fashion to exist. New fashion is often created by the influence of a creator’s environment, so that form and shape of clothing shapes fashion diversity. Also, the practice of fashion is long-standing and creates more idea to improve and expand fashion and design. There are many fashion influences in the United States, and some of these influences may be music and celebrities. Fashion brands that consist of celebrities are also increasingly common, and more of these fashion brands now also have or want celebrities.

Fashion design is important to the designer.  It is a designer’s number one priority to get designs out that the public will like.  A designer has to have a sense of what the public wants right now. New York City’s largest crop of fierce fashion designer is ambitious, bold, and in control (Williamson 2016).  When the designs are released, the designers are so proud and stands by their designs. They have a feeling of gratitude: When I get feedback from women who say they got compliments on a jacket I made, or I feel that my top made their day better, that just makes me so happy (Williamson 2016).  I get that same feeling when I show kids at school my fashions or post my fashions on Instagram and get likes. Being a designer requires 100% dedication to fashion (Greenburg 2017).

Fashion has pushed music culture for awhile. Such as YSL pushing rock n’ roll. Courtney Love said the Creative director of YSL Hedi just knows rock n’ roll looks like (Indvik 2016). By him knowing rock n’ roll YSL became known as the iconic rock brand. Creative head hedi Slimane lured rockstars and revenue to the iconic brand (Indvik 2016). By doing this YSL can hold the iconic rock n’ roll title. Many brands get major support from music artists fans if the artist advertise the brand. The Gucci creative director-and, in their touched-by-the-hand quality and their link to an earlier tradition, are even seen as a kind of encapsulation of the Gucci moment (Sullivan 2016). This shows how brand try to capture music into fashion.

Fashion design is not a job that anyone can do.  It requires a unique talent and a lot of creativity.  It is actually a God given gift. A fashion designer may not hit the jackpot with one design but normally has to make several designs before being discovered.  Discovered meaning someone likes the design and takes a chance on manufacturing it. Your designs have to be original. You don’t want to copy a design/style and have another designer state it is not original.  It needs to come from authenticity (Greenberg 2007). Nearly every job I’ve ever gotten came to me out of the blue (Hughes 2011). Fashion styles change frequently between different generations and you have to find a style that fits the culture you are striving to target.  Many designers state that Hip Hop fashion has grown up (Greenberg 2007). The industry use to only target teens and the Hip Hop industry but now more age groups are into Hip Hop so the fashion age ranges has grown.

Now there are people in fashion that style and create brands. Like Virgil Abloh and why he matters the designer and longtime creative director to kanye funnels youth culture into fashion (Bulseco 2016).Many fans are persuaded by what celebrities wear and that influenced their fashion sense . Also Donatella Versace and why she matters for the ultimate dose of sex appeal, pop stars opt for Versace (Bulseco 2016). Many fashion designers make clothing with a certain intent to be styled a certain way. Also they style models in certain unique ways.

Accessing the designs of many designers started in the stores.  You would have to find what stores sold that particular designers clothing.   Currently designers can feature their designs online. Some designers have online stores or just advertising on Facebook and/or Instagram.  Many designers fully support online stores such as, “Robinson”, this brand is almost evangelical about websites (Kingswell 2002), and “Next”, this brand has committed itself to digital sales (Kingswell 2002).  Some designers has taken their designs global with the use of online sales. Sandy Liang’s statement of coats are stocked worldwide with the use of online sales (Williamson 2016). I do believe that online sales is the new age for sales, but caution is required.  Each designer should make sure their websites are secure and protected so that their designs can’t be copied. The internet has opened up a new distribution network.

Also lately in fashion fast fashion has came and also hurt the fashion and the world. Many second hand stores will reject it items from fast fashion chains like Forever 21, H&M, Zara and Topshop (Wicker 2016). The inexpensive clothing is poor quality with low resale value, and there just too much on it (Wicker 2016). So when people buy clothes that they can’t sell, donate,or they don’t last they will through the clothes in the trash and trashing their clothes is also a huge waste of money (Wicker 2016). It would be better to buy high quality clothing that lasts longer and has some value.

Now since you’ve imagined what fashion fashion has went through so far, imagine the future of the fashion world.  If we can reduce the exposure to fast fashion for everyone the world would be so much healthier and better. We could live in a world where people can enjoy there clothes for long periods and can make money off unwanted items and lower waste of clothing and save the environment.

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