On my way to Costa Rica

I was super nervous

I was also excited to meet my group members

With who I would spend 2 whole weeks


In the Panama airport

I was looking around for my group members

I was looking for a blue shirt which said GLA


It took about 1 hour to get to Costa Rica

I was asked a lot of questions before allowed to leave the airport

The first thing that I noticed what how hot and humid it was


After I noticed my instructors waiting

It was a 10 minute drive until I reached the hotel

It was one of the most awkward moment of my life

I walked in and noticed 10 group members looking at me

They were complete strangers at the time


They all stared until I said an unexpected “Hi”


We all sat around a huge table

We all introduced ourselves

It was one of the most diverse groups that I have ever been a part of

There were people from Ecuador and people from all over the U.S

The next day our adventures began

We Started by going to the beach

It was called Bahia Ballena

Which means Whale bay


The day was extremely hot and we jumped in the water

A few minutes later our surfing lesson began


It was a painful day because not a single member knew how to surf

We did many more activities which I will never forget


The day before departure we all sat at the same table we did in the beginning

But the energy the emotions we felt were different

In the beginning it was excitement and curiosity.


But this day we felt bitter, charles, and sad.

We all built great relationships with each other

We all said goodbye that night

The next day everyone took off at different times

It is a group of people that I will always remember and a trip that made me know who I am in a deeper level.


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