On the black lives matter issue I feel very strongly about it. I feel this way because some of my family members have been affected by this issue. My brother was pulled over by a police officer and was questioned because he was driving in a sports car. The officer then asked him did he have any drugs and he replied no but the officer kept on believing he did. By the time the interaction was over his car had been searched for no reason. My brother could’ve been shot that day if the officer had decided to do so. Black lives matter is a big issue in our world today not with just officer but we are killing our own people. White lives matter also but right now their lives are not at stake like black  lives. They don’t have to always be afraid when they get pulled over like we do. We need to use our voice on this issue. Don’t be afraid to speak up we have a right!


#Shamonica Powell

  1. Jacobi 2 years ago

    I believe we should not fear them when being pulled over neither be nervous because the officer is probably already nervous. And if we would just only speak or move until spoken to everything would be just fine.

  2. Rachel 2 years ago

    I strongly agree that racial profiling needs to be stopped. It should have been stopped a long time ago before it started taking lives. We have to use our voices to make sure that these situations do not go unnoticed and so that a change can be brought about.

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