Gun control can be explained in many different ways but, teens speak everywhere across the United States saying why gun control is so important to them . “I’m here to make people hear my voice and make gun laws stricter. I march for the people in my city who have been killed, ” says Gaia Green from Houston Texas. “I want to feel safe in my own school and my own country, ” says, Sierra Herman from Ralston, New Jersey. We should care about gun control because me, personally, I shouldn’t have to worry about how quickly I get to safety within the school or, what high administration will kick me out of the school for protesting for what I feel is right. The next generations of our country need to take a stand in what we believe in and make our learning enviorment a better place, this change can start with us.  

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  1. Jake 2 years ago

    What happens when a criminal gets a gun illegally and everyone around you is left defenseless because of gun control? Gun control will not solve the issue of gun violence in this country, it will only make it worse. Look to Chicago, look to the UK, look to Australia. Taking away guns from law-abiding citizens is signing a death sentence for these people. If a shooter goes to a place where weapons are not allowed, what do you think they’ll do? Leave? Suddenly grow a heart? No, they’ll fire because no one will fire back. If they go to a place where weapons are allowed, what do you think they’d do? Go in guns blazing? No, they wouldn’t because people in that place are able to fire back.

  2. Jacobi 2 years ago

    This blessed me

  3. Jacari 2 years ago

    Your post was nice, you gave good reasoning and also included personal examples.

  4. Kovu 2 years ago

    I totally agree this!! we should be able to learn in peace and not be worried about someone shooting out of nowhere.

  5. Carlos 2 years ago

    Good to see that all ages are taking partof th8s movement

  6. Jacari 2 years ago

    Your post was nice, you gave good reasoning and also included personal examples.

  7. A'Naia 2 years ago

    You did a great job jade. You explained things perfectly and I feel that you knew things that you were talking about.

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