Fernando Peña Lopez is my one and only brother. He is the older one since he was born first. He is twenty years old. Even though he is 3 years older than me we still get along. Our relationship isn’t perfect because we have been thru ups and downs but we always stick together. But I mean no relationship is perfect because everyone will have their ups and downs at some point in their life’s .Ever since we were small my brother and I would go to places together, we wouldn’t go alone. I’ll say that we are like “uña y mugre” because we have never and will never separate. I’ll say that our brother relationship is really strong because we always help each other out. We both learned how to to play soccer together when my dad used to teach us. What makes our relationship strong is that we like to do the same things and we trust each other a lot. An example that proves that our relationship is really strong is when he went to live to Mexico. Even though we couldn’t talk in person we would always stay in contact through the phone. We would tell each other how our day was and we would talk about other things as well. He has given me a lot of advice because he wants the best for me just like I do for him. Now that he came back our relationship has gotten more stronger. We don’t argue like we used to when we were smaller. I wouldn’t ask for a different brother because Nando is the best brother I’ll ever have. I hope that our relationship never changes but I know that if we keep doing what we have been doing our relationship will stay strong forever.

  1. Jessika 2 years ago

    Dear Rodrigo, I enjoyed reading your story about you and your brothers bond knowing your bond with your brother grew in the matter of time. knowing I dont have that kind of bond its really cool you have a close bond knowing its just you and him in your family.

  2. Saul 2 years ago

    Dear Rodrigo Peña Lopez,

    I can see your relation ship is very strong. Not because you’ve explain it but because I’ve seen it. Your memoir was incredible to read and it really amazes me. One thing I really like you said was “I wouldn’t ask for a different brother because Nando is the best brother I’ll ever have”. This was a really strong phrase which proves your relationship with a your brother and how you guys can still connect even when you guys are seperated. I am looking forward to reading more of your memoirs. Peace dude ✌️?

  3. Cristina 2 years ago

    Dear Rodrigo,

    Your relationship with your brother is something I always wished I had with mine. My favorite part of your memoir was when you described your bond with him as “uña y mugre” because it’s such a powerful expression. I hope that the bond you have with your brother remains strong always and I also look forward to reading more of your work.

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