Author: Stephanie

I Promise to Love You

When I hear the news

“Sister I’m pregnant”

My jaw dropped

I didn’t know how to react.

I was excited

Worried for my sister.

Happy to be an aunt.




And as the nine months went by

I was still



And curious.

I was anxious to meet this baby.

A very strong love for this kid grew in me.

But how if it wasn’t even alive.

And on October 16 my mom called the school,

“Stephanie and Gladys you guys are excused to go home

your sister is in labor”

So we ran home.

Without eating or changing.

And we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Until 38 hours later,

She finally begins to push.

And I watched her,

I held her leg while she pushed.

And finally at 8:42 pm a beautiful

Baby boy

Is born.

I cry

Because I’m happy

I’m scared.

But the love for the baby became indescribable.

Gael Gil.

My first nephew.

A kid I’d give anything for.

And when I’m asked to babysit,

Its an honor.

And on a Sunday in February

My sister and Gael came over

And gael was asleep wearing a

White shirt with red lettering.

I read the shirt.

“Tia Chata will you be my Nina”

I hugged Gael and instantly began to cry.

Of course I’ll be your


I promise to always take care of you.

I promise to always love you.

I promise to always lead you in the right path.

You’ve completely changed my life.

And now as college decisions are coming.

I question if I want to go far

It was always my dream

To live on my own.

But after you came along

Why would I want to leave

And be far from you Gael.

Whatever decision I take.

I’ll think about you.


I go far

Or stay close.

I promise to love you Gael.