Animal Testing


What is Animal Testing?


  In opinion, animal testing is very harsh to the animal society but it could be a big impact on humans. Animals are used as tools to help scientists. Each year about 100 million animals are killed in the US in bio labs for trainings, lessons, experiments, etc. Why do they even have to use animals? What is the purpose of animals if they are just being killed by people? Animals that are tested on have a lot of human similarities. For example, monkeys have nearly the same DNA as humans. Their chromosomes are nearly the same as humans.


Should Animal Testing Be Banned?

   Other people opinions are different from others. Some may say that animal testing shouldn’t be aloud but others may say that animal testing should be chosen over human testing. On, an unknown person said that “Animals have rights to, as us humans have liberty, animals have rights.” This quote show that animals are just as important as humans and that she is against animal testing. Although another unknown person from says “ If animal testing were banned, people with cancer and other diseases will die.” He shows his thoughts in autonomy to all humans instead of animals. Everyone has a different opinion than others. In opinion, I feel like animal testing should not be banned. The testing can be a huge impact on the entire world. People can find a cure for cancer and make the world completely cancer free and the animals will be remembered for being a big help on the world.





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