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  1. Esthefany 8 months ago

    Dear Yaqui,
    This is a very deep story and I thank you for sharing it I think it was brave of you for sharing it. The graphic weight of the comic really stood out to me because of the dark coloring in the background that you added. I think this piece would really connect with a lot of young people that have lost someone that they love.

  2. Stephanie 8 months ago

    Hey Yaqui,

    I really enjoyed reading you comic. I admire how bold you are to share such a hard time in your life. I couldn’t imagine what that felt like. Panel number three was extremely powerful to be because the stairs were leading up to a pitch black room. I saw that as symbolism for what you could have been feeling, like alone or just empty on the inside after a really hard time.This comic is really powerful, short and straight to the story.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Stephanie B

  3. Angie 8 months ago

    Dear Yaqui,
    I couldn’t imagine how you could have felt but as little as you were when your father died I know it was probably super tough to go through growing up. You are really brave sharing about this. I really appreciated the explanations you put on how you felt so people would understand.

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