I’ve faced a challenge that’s impacted my family. My dad was on a forklift at work unpacking the fruit crates, suddenly the forklift falls on his right knee. He received surgery and was told that he won’t be able to run for the rest of his life. I received a phone call from my dad saying that he had suffered an injury that would impact me without me even realizing it. My dad stayed in the hospital for a few days but when he got home he would be in bed all the time. I’d cry in my bed because I didn’t want nothing bad to happen to him again. I’d go to school and do my work but I wasn’t doing really good as before. My grades would go down and I was supposed to graduate in a few months. I was able to graduate but I wasn’t satisfied at all with the GPA I was given. I fixed it by just accepting my dad’s injury and think positive. I would think about how it can affect my future if I keep up with the eighth grade potential. I would enter the 9th grade with focusing on myself and doing all the work and just being positive the whole time. I’d reach my standards in completion and was able to earn a GPA score of a 4.0. Another setback that I had was Ethnic Studies, a class that was related to history and I was not doing well. I looked back to how it can affect my future again because my parents sacrificed a lot for my siblings and I. My parents helped me throughout the years, and I want to give back to them by graduating from college and having a job that I’d enjoy doing so they can feel proud about me. So, once again I was back on my feet doing splendid in class. Looking forward to now, I am very appreciative of what my parents have done for me because I’ll forever love them. They do everything for us, they came to the U.S for us, for us to have a better life. Damn, I love my parents.

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  1. Lisseth 2 years ago

    Dear Oscar,
    I really like your writing piece, because I can relate about “They do everything for us, they came to the U.S for us, for us to have a better life. Damn, I love my parents.”, because my parents came here for the same reason. I like how you wrote this piece and the vocabulary you used. I hope you keep writing, keep it up!

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