Author: Enrique

Excitement Turns Around

Every time I go to Mexico,

my stress and worries just feel like they fall out of me.

The parties, the nature, the view, and nothing to worry about.

Spending time with my family.

As soon as christmas break begins.

Got my flight tickets, excited to go visit my family and rancho.

As the plane takes off I just think of all the exciting things that will happen.

As I arrive to Mexico get my suitcase, meet my family, happy

To see my aunt that always make me laugh



And have a good time.

I get news that my aunt has been in the hospital for that past days

Makes me worried

Is she going to be okay?

Am I going to be able to see her?

I get a taxi to go with my mother and family to the hospital.

As we arrive, we have been told that I am not allowed to go in because I am not 18.

My heart drops and I realize I came here to see my family and have fun.

But the anger that I have, very anxious to see her, not knowing if I will see her.

I get home, have little energy,

I feel worried, talking to my mom If I will see her.

Days pass by and my aunt has gotten worse

Not able to see her makes me mad.

We are all worried that she will pass away, I start remembering all the memories I had.

Day by day they visit, as I am laying down in my bed on my phone,

I hear my family members on the phone,

Talking really loud



I dropped my phone and started thinking

What happened?

They walk in to give me news. Everyone crying and telling me

Your aunt has passed away.

As I yell with sadness

¨NO! I didn’t get to say goodbye and see her!¨

Why would this happen at the wrong time?

Why couldn’t I be 18!?



Just why?

Days pass by and I am at the rancho for her funeral.

All friends and family sad


On how good of a person she was, what she has done.

Having my arm over my mom’s shoulder, my uncle having his arm over mine


Having sunglasses

Tears coming out

We all gave her a goodbye to the place where she wanted to rest.

Got together as family and had to move on.

Thankful to everything she has done.

Now I realize everytime I go to Mexico I will visit her grave and be happy she is resting

Not suffering.