Being sad is something that many people go through, its bad, bad your your health and your mindset. You may see me as a chill, funny, and competitive person. But that’s not all , sometimes I feel emotional and paranoid because I overthink too much which always makes me worried and think about the bad stuff that might happen. I try to feel as positive but that doesn’t always happen most times  I feel that sometimes my parents worry about me of how i’m going to be once I grow older. It’s hard to try to live your life when I feel like I have a negative vibe around me as of the people and the community. I always try to ignore but its hard for me to get stuff out of my mind because I have already over thinked it. I hate that things get to me really fast which leaves me paranoid which causes me to be “emotional” I take mostly everything serious which is a bad habit of mine, I try to change as much but it’s not that easy. I sometimes feel sad about things that i don’t get, the type of family and friends that I have im really picky about people that I actually say that “I like” or is “my friend”. I tell myself everyday that the people that are not useful to me I have to get rid them from my space in order to feel that good vibe.


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