Everybody lives in their own discourse community. Whether it is in the suburbs or in a city, they have their similarities and differences. My discourse community is in the about 45 minutes away from downtown Chicago. It is in the town of Tinley Park and is called Brookside Glenn. The people that live here are middle-class people. We have different races and ages here. Although I do feel that we do have a lot of children here. There are always kids playing basketball outside on their driveways and riding their bikes on the sidewalks. The people that live around here are usually very polite and welcoming. We have a middle school that is very close to us called “Hilda Walker.” It is so close to my house you can see it from my bedroom window.

I would say that the audience is probably for people that would want to live in an area that is very calm and safe. It is mostly for the middle class since the houses that we have here are most likely a little too expensive for the lower class. We do have a garbage truck and recycling truck that comes by every week. We have Tinley Park police patrolling the area from time to time also. We are also about 4 minutes away from the closest fire station and about 5 minutes away from the police station. I feel that we are in an area where its very safe. We have all our resources right by us which makes it a lot easier to live here and a safer community. For instance, we have a huge plaza about 3 minutes away that carries about 14 different stores and fast food places. We also have a gas station called “Gas n’ Wash”  that is only 2 minutes away from our neighborhood.

I didn’t always live here though. I used to live in a very bad area in Chicago for most of my life. When I went to my 6th grade, I moved into Brookside Glenn. My father saved up money for years to buy a house out in the suburbs so my brother and I could get away from all the violence in Chicago. When I first moved in I remember hearing my doorbell ring and seeing my mom open it. When she opened it, there was a little boy standing there asking her if he and I could go out and catch toads. My mother was a little hesitant at first since we came from Chicago and nobody from that area would ever do that. He and I introduced each other and then went on to catch toads. He was telling me how there is a pond around here near the school that we can go to, to catch toads. I have always lived in the city, so we never had any ponds around us that had frogs or any kind of toads, so I thought that it was awesome that we had a pond around us. He was describing to me how things work around here and how all the kids are. When we reached the pond, I was very excited to see toads. He and I caught a few and we had a lot of fun. I was very scared to move at first because I wasn’t sure how everybody was over here. I didn’t know if I was going to make any friends and I was scared that school would be harder here. I was used to having kids that liked to get into drama and fights constantly so it was very nice to meet new people that were nice.  I thought it was sweet of him to come ring on my doorbell to make me feel welcomed. Almost everyone that I have met that lives here are very polite and very welcoming.

My discourse community can compare a lot to other communities. The community I am in at my school, Governor State University is very comparable to my community back at home. I feel that at my university, nobody really judges or discriminates others. Everybody respects each other and talks to each other. Although my community could also be very different from others. For example, the other community that I lived in before this one was quite different. My other community had gang bangers and had litter everywhere. There was a lot of drama and problems among the people that lived in this community as well. I feel that my community now is a lot more peaceful and has a lot fewer problems. Although that there are a lot of positives to this area, there is a huge negative to it. The taxes here are ridiculously high. I always hear my parents complaining about the taxes. My community isn’t the number one neighborhood to love in, but it is a good community to live in.

Although that it isn’t cheap to live in my community, it is a very nice community with very nice parks and trails not even more than 2 blocks away. It is a very safe community since we have police patrolling the area and have a few policemen that live in this community. I am very grateful that my father saved up money for years so my brother and I could live in a better house in a better neighborhood. I also feel that my education wouldn’t have been as good as it was going to schools out here. I am very grateful for the neighborhood I live in and the roof above my head. I have made a lot of amazing friends and memories here.

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