Nazi Experimentation on people


The nazis during the  ww2 they were doing experiments on people that they captured those people were mostly jewish and other gay and a small percentage of allies that were the military they stayed at camps that the nazis mad and they would proform they test in the camps Freezing / Hypothermia, Genetics, Infectious Diseases, Interrogation and Torture,Killing / Genocide, High Altitude Pharmacological, Sterilization, Surgery, Traumatic Injuries they would perform all these experiments on the people. The freezing/Hypothermia was conducted to improve there soldier because a lot of  soldiers were dying from freezing in the eastern front the freezing experiment had 2 parts to see how long the body survived until the victims died and they would repeat it again but with new victims .

In the genetic experimentation the prosegur for that was if you were not white had blonde hair blue eyes then you will go into testing to change that the races that went into genetic experimentation were hispanic, jews,blacks,Gypsies, Homosexuals and anyone else that did not meet the race requirements if a ss member wanted to get married they had to go threw a genetic testing and if they didn’t pass they can’t get married

Some victims were put under a sunlamp which were so hot that it burned the skin of the person another test that they did is internal irrigation it will be a frozen victim and and heated water near a blistering temperature irrigated to the bladder,stomach and intestines there is a test were the victim is put into a hot bath and t6he people conducting the test will race the heat of the bath until the host died of overheating in the last test that was related to heat was called warming from body heat and  2 victims a man a woman the man was cold and the woman had to heat up the man by copulate(sexual intorcourse) but this test was somewhat successful but not as the warm bath experiment.

Here are  some victim stories that survived some experiments on their body Ms.A her experiment was done on her uterus she was giving shots on her uterus as a result to that she was in pain for a year and a half due to the shots she was given her uterus transformed into a 4 year old uterus and that her ovaries sharnked. Mr.G experiment was that he had to run from dogs that had poison in their teeth and they were bit once they were bit doctors in the camp would see the wound and examine it but never gave him medication so the wound can heal he ran away from the camp his wound healed but the poison on the dogs he developed cancer on his leg. Mr.B the experiment done on him was that he got cut on his forearm 10 inch long and 2 centimeters long and  every time it was going to heal the doctors on the camp would just do it again they would bandage it and test different types of treatments for cuts. Ms.B was poisoned in her camp but didn’t die the poison in the food was meant to make a rash in the body a doctor would come fro roll call and check on them and say that if you don’t have the rash then you would be okay but if somebody had it they would get killed but when the rash went away it would come back a week later. Mr.E he was a young prisoner in the camp he would not get food and neither the other people in the camp when they did get food it would be poisoned and he would vomit and have diarrhea and would feel paralyzed for weeks and carried out for shots on his check. Ms.G was submerged in hot water and was forced back in when she was trying to breath and after the hot water she would be put in cold water both things would last for 10 minutes.          


“Medical Experiments of the Holocaust and Nazi Medicine.” The Holocaust History – A People’s and Survivor History –, This website is good because it gives you an idea of what type of experiments the nazi doctors did on the prisoners in the camp during the war


“Personal Statements From Victims of Nazi Medical Experiments.” Claims Conference, This website is good because it gives you a understanding the things the people had to go threw in the camps during the war


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