“AR-15, Ak-47, Glock-9 are all names of guns right? Those guns can easily sit in a case or on a shelf and not kill or harm anyone because they don’t pick and choose how they are used or who uses them. Regardless of how many guns you take away or say we cant have they will always be around. Crack, Meth, and Coke are all illegal drugs right? But yet they are everywhere and take lives more than anything else. Regardless of what new problems occur because of guns, the gun isn’t the issue. Because something else is the cause or reason behind why that kid or teen or anyone picked up that gun and pointed it at them self or school or a church. If we want to fix the amount of people are killed by guns then we need to fix the problems in the home or school that drives someone to taking those kind of actions.”


~Anthony Leeks



CC BY-SA 4.0 One for all and all for Gun by Anthony is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Courtney 10 months ago

    100% agree. guns do not kill people, people kill people. People get stabbed all the time, but we don’t blame the knife. We blame the sick human behind it.

  2. Miriam 10 months ago

    Anthony, It is not always easy to take sides on a controversial matter even if you’re taking the popular side so I thank you for being audacious enough to write out your honest opinion.

    • Author
      Anthony 10 months ago

      Regardless of how many people agree or support what you think, if you feel as if your right you NEED to stand by that. Only you can fight for you.

  3. Ariana 10 months ago

    I agree, people that even think about harming others for the things that happen in their personal life should intervene with an adult or parent before taking any further actions

    • Author
      Anthony 10 months ago

      Thank you Ariana, not a lot of people see things as we do. So i’m glad that you are able to stop and understand situations like this for what they are, problems in house not in gun stores.

  4. Quinton 10 months ago

    Always best to have friends that also support the second amendment as well.

    • Author
      Anthony 10 months ago

      Yes it is, speak your mind weather you get heat for it or support.

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