This piece was inspired by our study of the #MeToo movement. This is based on actual events. The hope is that others that have experienced this could learn something from this choreopoem. While the ones that didn’t could learn to understand the impact of sexual assault through this piece.

Oh white light, grampa is drinking again.

Filling a cup then another one.

I can see his mind is not right.

Inviting me to come to the dark.

As he fulfills his needs and wants in life.


Oh white light, I am scared for my life.

I am eight and I cannot understand what is happening.

Is this normal?

Confusion and disgust filled my thoughts.

Because I realized that this is sexual assault.

Oh white light, Wherever we go, he brings up another excuse to take me from my childhood.

The life of a child is not what I am living.

Hiding smiles and staying quiet because I know he is family.

Family is everything or so I believe.

Because it is always what they say to me.


Oh white light, please help me realize that I have to step up.

My mom found out from my slip of tongue.

Now I’m in church with people trying to find the truth.

As he is here so that they can find out if he should be sent to court.


Oh white light, I keep laughing.

I cannot help it because I am so nervous and scared.

They do not believe me, I really just want to live in peace.

By now They come out and tell my mom that I lied.


Nobody believes me.

They think I lied.

That’s all I have thought about since those nights.


Oh white light, I am fourteen, two years have passed

I’m not alright,

now it is time to say goodbye.

I grab some pills and drink it all.

As I lay on the floor wishing I hurry up and die.


Oh white light, my mom comes down and finds me out.

Rushing me to the hospital.

As I layout, I say I love them,

But now I really don’t want to die.

Oh white light, let me survive.


Oh white light, you survived.

But I now have to spend the night,

I can’t go home and I can’t stay here,

but now I have to go to a mental institute.


Oh white light, I am going crazy as I feel my life got worse.

They keep looking at me for everything thing I do.

They found out!

Now I am at court.

Now I hide my feelings so that I won’t laugh out of nervousness.


Oh white light, I finally won from this court.

They know I am not lying,

They know what happened.

But wait!!

This is not justice!!!

He is only going to be registered as a pedaphile.


Oh white light, where is the justice

Why is he not in jail?

Why is he still living with grandma?

Why can’t I visit grandma?


Oh white light, I am not free

Should I give up or should I keep living

I wake up with panic attacks

I still feel his touches.

Oh I feel like I am drowning.


(wake up, you are going to be alright.

And soon everything will turn bright.

Please keep going and don’t give up

Because at first it’s rough)


Oh white light, am I not alone?

What I went through did I go through alone?

What you’re saying is it true?

Can I be free and live happily?


(Yes dear child, please get up,

You will find people who are alike.

I know you don’t see but I will shine the light on you.

Oh dear child, please wake up.

Wake up from this darkness.

Because you are already in the light

Because you are me and I am you)


Yes that is right!!

I am asleep,

What I am speaking about is my past.

Because I am happy at last.

I woke up cause I was in my head.

Telling my story for those who have went through the same thing…..

Because I am…..I am the white light.



  1. Tyahmiya 2 years ago

    I love how this can relate to so many people in the world and I truly believe that this will help people come out the shadows for people who have went through sexual assault or going through sexual assault come out and speak about it because you are not alone.

  2. Ataya 3 years ago

    I love how you made it into a story, it’s very creative. Thank you for shearing this with us, it was amazing.

  3. Priscilla 3 years ago

    Dear Brianna,
    Thank you for sharing such a deep peace with such broad audience. Your creativeness in this piece is able to make it impactful and have the importance it should have.

  4. Shirel 3 years ago

    This is such a beautiful piece, I felt everything the character is going through in the heart specially with your choice of music, this really touched me, thank you for sharing this piece of writing it must’ve been hard

  5. Reveca 3 years ago

    Dear Brianna, this piece is amazing. I could really feel your characters struggle. This is a very hard topic to discuss, I appreciate you for choosing to share your writing.

  6. Ruth 3 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this thoughtful yet dark topic with the world.

  7. Author
    Brianna 3 years ago

    The music that goes with the choreopoem is going to be linked.

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