A book was written by Dr. Rios he wrote about his life. The time when he joined the gang, not getting good grades, But after he went to college for a better future and succeeded the thing he wanted getting a job, and he got his job. Apart what I like about the book is in chapter 18 where he became his own family and had his twins born. I think this is the most interesting thing that doctor Rios did where he was struggling in the beginning but ended up being a good guy who has the life at the end and had a good job. A lesson I learn from this book is that everything you wish you want to do is possible to accomplish your goals. I recommended this book to people who are struggling in school, who doesn’t care about school but that the most important education you need in your life. To succeed your goals. This book shows the changes in his life in each part. Where he was struggling after time went on was getting better and paying attention to school.


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