I’ve been reading articles on alcohol advertising at sports events, or during television broadcasts of sports events. They all have interesting things to say on how it impacts the viewers. “Of particular concern to health experts is the exposure that children have to thousands of messages from alcohol sponsors during both live and televised sporting events.” (Vic Health) The article that says this quote also uses a very interesting analogy to go with it. “They use sports as a Trojan horse. They’re invoking and appropriating the values, aspirations and interests people have about elite sports to induce people to their brand, and kids have no say in it.” (Vic Health) They also brought up a bit of a frightening statistic. In 2015 87% of advertisements for alcohol during the daytime on tv were aired during sporting events. This is crazy! There is so much advertising, that it seems normal. It’s a part of everyday life. I can name actors in alcohol commercials. I can even sing a song from a michelob ultra sports commercial because of how much it’s been aired. It’s ridiculous.
Professor Sandra Jones talks about this with teenagers. “They can often name their team’s sponsors and they appear to have quite positive attitudes towards those alcohol brands, and associate them with playing sport, with being a man, with being funny… with a whole range of really positive associations.” (Vic Health) I can say from personal viewpoint, this is something I’ve seen. I’m even guilty of something this article brings up. When sports is brought up I associate the sport with beer, especially baseball and football. I even know how the cups used for beer look at the baseball stadium downtown, and it’s been years since I’ve been there.
There are a lot of people that argue alcohol advertising during sports has no impact on anyone, but there’s so much research against that claim. ““The research confirms yet again that alcohol marketing impacts on young people drinking behaviours,’ Stafford told Guardian Australia. ‘Young people who have higher exposure to alcohol marketing are more likely to start drinking and to drink at risky levels.’” (The Guardian)
Alcohol is a scary thing! “The reality is that in 2012, across the globe about 3.3 million deaths – or 5.9% of all deaths – were attributable to alcohol consumption. Alcohol ranks among the top five risk factors for disease, disability and death throughout the world, according to the World Health Organisation.” (The Conversation)


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  1. Zoe 1 year ago

    Whitlee, your post about the correlation between sports and alcohol is very thought provoking. I had never really thought about how big of an impact these commercials can have. Since sports attract all kinds of audiences (young and old), I think it would be appropriate for broadcasters to refrain from airing a lot of alcohol-promoting advertisements.

  2. brandon 1 year ago

    Whitlee, although I am not a huge sports fan, I have notice the correlation to sports and alcohol. It is alarming that broadcasters would permit ads showing how fun it is to drink and how tasty it is. And of course there would be a correlation of kids who watch sports and there involvement in alcohol. If you were a broadcaster, would you permit these types of ads, even though you will be cutting a big portion of your ad revenue?

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