Posted by Jessika on March 9, 2018


It was in the middle of the night.

When I heard him crying.

My nephew Juanisaih.

Small baby boy.

New to our family

A new beginning.

A new change to our family.

I don’t know what I felt knowing I had a nephew.

I knew everything would be different.

House would change.

My family would change.

I would change.

And I did.

We all did.

We got less sleep.

We took roles on who takes care of him

Who changed him.

Who fed him

Who would put him to sleep.

Sounds all easy.

It was at first.

He was a calm baby.

Now that he is older he has more energy.

Having him changed who I was.

And how I saw my future.

And my families future.

I said to myself.

I look at him and think to myself.

And see how everything passes by so quick.

To me, he is a blessing.

The moment I come home and I look at my nephew.

I still don’t believe that is my sisters baby.

I still see my sister as my sister not a mom.

Both in our room.

Talking about makeup.

Or talking about going out places.

Never thought I would see my sister with a baby.

Least not for a while.

But I am glad she got to be a mom.

If it wasn’t for that little change my family would be in a whole other place.

We would have fallen apart.

But knowing my we had a baby in the house there would have to be changed.

We had to work together.

We got together.

We were happy.

My nephew meant the world to us.

We wanted him to have the best to feel loved.

And so he will.

He will have my family’s and I support as he grows up.