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  1. Cristina 7 months ago

    Dear Lisseth,
    I enjoy this comic because it shows the exact emotions you had when you saw your nephew for the first time. It was real and I appreciate you for sharing this moment with us. By the way, You draw good!, Hope to see you continue drawing in the future!

  2. Andrea 7 months ago

    Dear Lisseth,
    I loved your comic. I had a very clear understanding of how much love you have for your nephew. I can relate to your comic in many ways. Both of your panels show graphic weight I understood exactly what I was looking at. Can’t wait to see more of your work !

  3. Angeles 7 months ago

    Dear Bestfriend,
    I loved your comic about your nephew. I can relate a lot because that’s exactly how I felt when I carried my niece for the first time. It’s a love that you can’t explain. I loved how you added a lot of color to your comic which shows that you were very happy when you first saw him and had him with you for the first time. I also like how you drew a few hearts next to you and him because it shows that you have lots and lots of love for him.

  4. Lilian 8 months ago

    Dear Lisseth,
    I liked your comic because it’s really cute. I liked the way you said, “I felt happiness and love when I had him on my arms.” This shows how much love you have for him when you first saw him. I enjoyed reading your comic because I felt the love. Thank you for sharing this nice comic about your little nephew. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

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