Author: Jaime

what i need to work on

This year has been hard for me in school. There are several reasons, like my behavior and actually failing some classes this year. In past years I have never failed a class. This year i failed English, but when i tried to get my grade up, it was too late. It was the first marking period  of the semester.


I even got suspended this year for popping a firewalk outside of campus. I don’t know why it’s been like this. This year when it’s going to be my last year when usually I behave and do my work why just throw it all away.


This year just feels like I am done with school so it feel like I don’t have to work as hard.  I have been doing good in my classes over all these years. I’ve been thinking it’s my last year, so why even try?


I want to come up with a plan for myself because I want  to graduate this year. It would be better for me to get a job, and even basic places like McDonald’s Jack-in-the-Box are now asking for a high school diploma.  Overall I have worked so hard, so why just throw it away here?


My plan is to start coming to school on time. I need to be prepared to learn, and also to be respectful to my classmate and my teachers. I need to ask for help. Also I have to pass both marking periods of my English class with a percentage of 80 and above so that I won’t have to do summer school during post session. I am going to try to be more responsible with turning in work the day it is due and not trying to leave it to the last minute.  When I do this, it haunts me at the end and then sometimes I don’t even end up doing it and that’s what messes up my grade.