August 24, 2014

Life Academy

Freshman year

Starting over, starting fresh

It’s a new year, time for a different attitude

But I will stay as the same me

I was ready to face the world

The only thing on my mind was school

Making new relationships and memories

I never thought life would get any harder than this


I was wrong

Things change

People change

I changed too


How could I have not seen this coming

Heart broken

Mind awoken

My eyes and ears always running

From everything and everyone


Late July early August, 2017

Eye doctor appointment

New glasses means new sights to see

A clearer view of the world around me


Or so I thought

This was not your average eye doctor appointment

I was blind sighted

Struck in the gut by the words my mom spoke to me


“ It wasn’t your fault” she said, “We’re still friends”

“ Why are you crying?, What are your thought.”

She ended “ I’m sorry love..”



Short breath

Body numb

Mind running blank

I know this place already

Anxiety, Panic

Another Attack

I’ve got to get out of here


To be honest I give up

“What is on my mind?!”

How could they keep this from me

What does my father have to say?

My family is more broken than I thought

Can I even handle this truth?


I am more broken than ever before

But I know deep inside

I have to be stronger than this


I don’t need pity looks from people

I don’t want to hear “Are you okay’s”

I can’t handle anymore emotions


So I continue to keep things

All to myself

I’ve been hurt

I stay hurt

Stay quiet

But it’s okay


I feel like I’m gonna explode

But I keep on moving along

Floating aimlessly through the day


Today March 5, 2018

Life Academy

Senior year

I am a new person

New relationships and new memories to hold

I have a completely different attitude,

Multiple ones in fact

The years will continue to keep changing

But I shall stay as the same me I started with.



  1. Cristina 3 years ago

    Nina love,
    Thank you. Thank you for being able to express yourself through writing. This poem was filled with emotions that every person has experienced at least once. You showed how hard it is to be a high school student and have to deal with family problems. Also, sharing different perspectives on attitudes and identity. You are strong and beautiful! Once again, thank you.

  2. Rosario 3 years ago

    I am proud by your poem, “New Year… Different Attitude… Same Me,” because you connect the way you have changed based on what you’ve learned about your own family. One sentences you wrote that stands out for me is: “I feel like I’m gonna explode, but I keep on moving along floating aimlessly through the day.” I think this is poignant because it shows how strong you are. You can be really hurt but you’re resilient enough to keep moving forward with your life. Your poem reminds me of when my mom tells me stories of how my dad was with her that really shocked me. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you speak very sincere about your life and I thinking talking about your feelings makes you feel better, so you won’t have to stay quiet.

  3. Esme 3 years ago

    Hello fellow classmate, I love how you wrote about your identity and how high school has changed you and the people around. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me was when you said,”I am more broken than ever before, But I know deep inside, I have to be stronger than this.” This sentence shows you are a strong young women and even though you have faced a lot of challenges, you get stronger each time.Thanks for your post Nina Love Corbett!

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