1. Evelyn 9 months ago

    Dear Jocelin

    I am amazed with your poem, because your poem shows that mothers are very important and work to get ahead and for household expenses.

    A phrase that you wrote that is outstanding for min is very important the subject of my mom and we are very willing to have our mom.

    Thanks for your writing. I hope to see what you write, because your poem is very important to me, what is your favorite food that your mother does to you?


  2. Yahaira 1 year ago

    Dear Jocelin,

    I appreciate your post because I can totally relate. I see my mom working two jobs right now to be able to pay for all our expenses. A separation is a big challenge and it does affect us as the children. It’s something that won’t heal but we just learn to live with it. I’m glad you appreciate and take in account what your mom has done for you because there’s kids that don’t appreciate it and cause them more trouble.

    Thanks for expressing yourself through drawing.

  3. Juan 1 year ago

    I like how you showed the graphic weight on your comic and how you talk about your life.

  4. Lis 1 year ago

    Dear Jocelin,
    Thank you for doing to this comic memoir about your family. For doing a comic that may not been easy to write about, but you still did. Shows the courage that you have, and the amount of respect that you have for your mother, such a beautiful bond. Thank you for doing this comic memoir I really did enjoy reading it, and seeing your comic. I am looking forward to reading you written memoir.

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