Author: Emilila

I.S.O. Nikki Giovanni

winter poem

yesterday while running to the bus
a raindrop told me to put my hood on
but i reached behind my neck
and there was only a cuff
standing up from my coat
that reminded me i shouldve
put on a sweatshirt this morning
and by the time i realized
my hair was going to flatten
i didnt have time to run home for an umbrella

this is in the style of nikki giovanni’s winter poem. although it seemed like spring was getting closer lately, it still is winter here in michigan. this may not have seemed like a winter poem but it indeed happened during the winter. i noticed many people upset by the weather and in fact it snowed a bit. we went through a warm spell and i could see the hope of nicer weather in the future. i indulged a little bit in the feeling but i knew it was fleeting. we hadnt gotten that type of weather until april of last year.