1. Nina 9 months ago

    Hey vicente,
    I really like this comic you have put together. It really shows the different relationships you can have with friends and family. There will always be someone there, for us in a time of need.

  2. Cristina 9 months ago

    I like how in only a one page comic, we got to see a side of you that expanded and got to see more of the relationship with you and your brother. I hope you get to expand this art piece because it truly shows that you have talent.

  3. Jessica 10 months ago

    Thanks for sharing this. I think the over all image of this is the differences between family and friendship, but I believe that friendship and family can also be one thing. One can a really strong friendship with his or her family. And we always consider our closest friends as family too, so there is literally nothing wrong with having both relation with your siblings or with a friend.

  4. Jocelin 10 months ago

    Thank you for your art work Chente. I really liked how you went into detail with the mariachi’s outfits!

  5. Rosario 10 months ago

    I am happy to see your comic, “Family VS Friendship” because I think it’s a sweet story full of feelings. One part of your comic that stands out for me is where you found a friend to actually be there for you. I think this is really good that you found someone to be there for you even if it’s not necessarily your family. Thanks for your comic. I look forward to seeing what you make next, because I think you express real significant things about your life.

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