Water does not directly affect climate change, but it is mostly affected by or accelerating climate change. The ocean is getting the most impact from the changing of weather. As the carbon dioxide stays inside the atmosphere and absorbing the sun’s heat, the air is getting warmer. The warmer the air is causing the ocean to get warmer. Thus, more water is evaporating quicker into the atmosphere. And since the the ocean covers around 71% of the Earth’s surface, water vapor is the most common greenhouse gas. The process that water vapor goes through is called positive feedback. Positive feedback is ,”the enhancement or amplification of an effect by its own influence on the process that gives rise to it.” In this case, water vapor is ascending upward to the atmosphere, mixing with the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and causing temperature to increase. The cycle then repeats itself. A positive feedback does not mean it has a “positive” effect, it means that a cycle self-amplifies itself and causing change.

As we talked about before, the higher the temperature increases, so does the evaporation rate. The evaporation does not only affect the ocean, but the land. Moisture from the soil is then evaporated and into the atmosphere. We look in the western United States, especially in California, where those states go through droughts almost every year. This is troubling to many ecosystems. With the increasing heat, glaciers, mountain snowpacks, and other sources of water is melting faster. Once the source of water is gone, the flow of water is stopped at a halt. With freshwater flow decreasing, this creates a prboblem to lakes, agriculture, and drinking water. As water decreases, everything becomes dryer. With dry soil, this leads to erosion. Groundwater will be affected if no clean water comes in. In other parts, the rate of power is effects in areas that rely on hydropower to power their houses and business. Not only does droughts have physical effects, but also health effects. With less water, there is less food produced. This will lead to starvation in places, dehydration for many organisms, mental issues (people, like farmers, who worry on water to produce food for income).


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  1. Iosif 2 years ago

    So I agree with this we should do something because I think in future all of the world will be like a big one ocean. I learned that if people don’t stop polluting air and our world all people will die. I think if people did not create cars, our world will be better than right now, but it will be difficult to live without cars.

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