My mother is an Italian. Her parents are both Italians and during her youth they would travel back over to Italy every summer. She has seen the immigration issue first hand. Her parents were discriminated against as the children of immigrants. They were not treated well as American citizens by their peers because they were seen as the outcasts from a foreign land. My mother says this hurt her mother and really offended her. Now my mother sees the way her mother was treated in how people are treating immigrants from South and Central America.

She sees the discrimination as the same and wants to see this change. Her biggest issue is with her fellow Italians and Irish Catholics who were discriminated against turning around and doing it to the next wave of people. She made the comparison to freshman year in high school. Freshman year you get picked on and by the time you are a sophomore you have forgotten about how you said “I’m not going to treat people the way I was treated” and you turn around and pick on the freshman that drops his books. The same goes for these people. The change in years is the equivalent to the next generation coming in joining the masses of upperclassman and picking on the new kid. Their parents suffered through and were forced to endure punishment for their heritage and race. Now in America we are pulling over people for those same reasons.

The changing picture of who is the bad guy as a group in america is whoever last came in. For a while we banned all countries really outside of northern Europe and made it almost impossible for others to come into this country. We don’t want people due to their problems but in reality they are just doing what all of our ancestors did and chasing their version of the best life for them and their posterity. We should honor that and look at different ways of accepting these people into this country. We need to change our immigration policy to no longer favor those with privileged education from western Europe and instead look at the whole person. Trump calls this “Extreme Vetting”,  the security of this nation is a top priority, however I would like to see a personal approach to this. The government should hire more people to evaluate families on individual basis and make judgements of them as people as well as from a security side of things. We see this system in place now but it needs to be sped up to not incentivize the illegal enterings.

The system changing would be a positive step in integrating immigrants into society and removing the stigma on them and on their children. The ability to integrate them will not only help them but also us and our economy as I have touched on earlier. Making people feel accepted makes them do better in school, providing support for these people will raise them up and making them citizens will for fully allow them to  help the country as a whole.

There undoubtedly will be problems and pushback but that has always been the case in US history but as history tells us the way of inclusion has always helped more than it has harmed and will continue to do so. Inclusion is not just the moral high ground but it also holds the historical high ground.

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  1. Austin 1 year ago

    It is interesting that only immigrants from South America and the Middle East are treated this way, perhaps people just don’t want to admit they’re racist.

  2. Oscar 1 year ago

    the president has no right to say things about the emigrants because he knows that he needs them

  3. Luis 1 year ago

    That he need have more appreciation for the immigrants because the mother of him is immigrants so, why he have a lot racism with the immigrants.

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