Youth sports are a part of almost every child’s life here in America, whether it is soccer, basketball, flag football, or even baseball. My earliest memories come from playing little league soccer at the age of 5 or 6, many kids around the country have had the same experience growing up. I have never really wondered why parents continue to put their kids into athletics at a young age even if they have no interest in athletics. Well it turns out that youth sports create a very tight bond between parents and their children that goes unnoticed.

“Youth sports provide an opportunity for parents and children to form an emotional bond. Research by Dorsch, Smith and McDonough (6) found that parents experienced many changes in their behavior, cognition, affect, and general parent-child relationship as a result of their child’s participation in youth sports.”. This quote comes from a study done on looking at the relationship between parents and children dealing with youth athletics. Youth sports provide this emotional bond that is hard to create between parent and child. It also helps a child’s development in so many different aspects, they learn a skill, they learn how to apply it to strategy, they learn communication and teamwork, and they learn how to problem solve all at a young age.

Although sports rely heavily on the guidance of the coaches, officials, and advisors, the study says that parents actually play the biggest role of their child’s success. “Parents play a large role in the sport experience of their children (10). In fact, parents have been shown to have the largest impact compared to peers, teachers, and coaches (18).”. If the children have all of the actual sport taught to them by the coaches or advisors, then why would the parents have the biggest influence? The parents are the one setting the tone for their kids, they bring the energy and help provide excitement for their kids. “Previous research has shown that parents have an important role in their child’s development (17) and more recent research suggests this extends into a parent’s involvement in their child’s activities, such youth sports programs (6, 13).”. 

Sports can do so much for us, especially our youth. Sports improve us as people in many aspects and also many people around us. Our parents have this bond that was impacted by putting us in sports and that is really cool. Sports are much more than just games, they impact us as people as well.

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  1. Engel 11 months ago

    When you play sports you have play with the heart😼❤️⚾️⚾️

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