Author: Lexi

Mental health and gun violence

Following the Parkland shooting, the President of the United States claimed that the mental health contirbuted to the mass number of shootings, which has prompted many discussions on how mental health and these shootings are correlated. The lack of action concerning mental health is frankly disturbing, and as we continue to have this conversation we need to consider the problem as a whole. There have been many shootings over the past few years, and ever since This past Februrary, the victims are finally pushing and awareness of the problem. But mental health and society have been unadressed for a long while.

Even if you disregard the attackers of these shootings, one could consider the other cruelties that people have enforced upon each other, and how mental health¬† is correlated with those. They often suffer from¬†Personality Disorders,¬†Schizophrenia, Sadism, Necrophilia/Necrophagia. Those with undiagnosed mental health issues are left to fend for themselves, and how can someone be expected to act when their brain does not work? When they are mentally incapbale to think correctly, and to function as expected within society. In no way am I defending what people have done, and I don’t think mental health should be used as a free pass to do unnatural things to others, but I think we should see how it correlates with the crime rate, and how we can help the problem, and not place accusations.

The attitude of those who do not understand the ways of mental health, or those who expereince it could be improved. It should be a problem we are desperatly trying to solve, and not discarding because we are embaressed. Social Media paints a new picture for society, and information is so much more readily available, the fact that there isn’t a great discussion being had, and a constant fight among citizens fo the US and the world, is disturbing.