After conducting an interview Professor Thomas C. Henderson who is a professor at the University of Utah I was able to come to the consensus that self-driving vehicles with the help of artificial intelligence will ease commutes, returning lost time to workers; enhance mobility for seniors and those with physical challenges, and sharply reducing more than 35,000 deaths on U.S. highways each year. In 2016, in Arizona especially, Uber with the help of Google has achieved the accomplishing zero accidents with cars driving with artificial intelligence. When Professor Thomas C. Henderson was asked if artificial intelligence is worth pursuing Professor Thomas C. says, “The goal of AI is to produce intelligent artifacts.  It is worthwhile to develop these where the technical and social impact is beneficial.  Just like the industrial revolution produced machines that enhanced the strength of people, or enabled us to travel more quickly and safely from one place to another, so can AI expand the intellectual capabilities of humans or provide useful information efficiently.” 

More importantly, I was able to ask my interviewee the most prompting question of mine which is what applications do you see artificial intelligence applying to. And, his response “everything: acquisition of sensor data, analysis of information, optimal solutions to problems, augmented reality, robotics, etc.”  He also happened to elaborate on the question to the beneficial effects from artificial intelligence, “like safer and more informed lives with some level of drudgery removed.”

I also, with the help of Forbes I learned that AI and protective software work well together. Meaning, that with an ideal system for storing the highly sensitive, personal data which, when smartly processed, can enhance the line of protection when working together to stop cyber hackers. Meaning, only private keys will be kept safe – a few kilobytes of data – in order for all of the data on the chain to be secure.

Another fascinating contribution that AI possesses is adding jobs, in turn, will strengthen the economy. Professor Thomas C. Henderson touched on that we do not see the headlines: Robots and AI will destroy jobs. This is fiction rather than fact. AI encourages a gradual evolution in the job market which, with the right preparation, will be positive. People will still work, but they’ll work better with the help of AI. The unparalleled combination of human and machine will become the new normal in the workforce of the future. Another potential concern is AI Leads to loss of control If machines do get smarter than humans, there could be a loss of control that can be a detriment. Whether that happens or whether certain controls can be put in place remains to be seen. Next, would enhance our lifestyle and the rise of AI in our society will enhance our lifestyle and create more efficient businesses. Some of the mundane tasks like answering emails and data entry will be done by intelligent assistants. Smart homes will also reduce energy usage and provide better security, marketing will be more targeted and we will get better health care thanks to better diagnoses. Lastly, solves complex social problems. Professor Thomas C. Henderson much of the fear with AI is due to the misunderstanding of what it is and how it should be applied. Although AI has promise for solving complex social problems, there are ethical issues and biases we must still explore. We are just beginning to understand how AI can be applied to meaningful problems. As our use of AI matures, we will find it to be a clear benefit in our lives.


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  1. Sophia 3 years ago

    Hi, Anthony!

    I am so glad you were able to contact a professional about your interesting topic. I think it is important what he said about how people are fearful about this, but if we can work together we can create benefits within our society. I agree that if humans can find the good in this era and in all of these technological advances that we can help everyone, but I think this might be very optimistic to assume. It is very hard to bring everyone together to find the benefits in a controversial topic. This is something that, as he said could help people, but it would be difficult to get others on board. I think you have picked a great topic and good luck on your paper! Here is a website for you!

    Thank you!
    Sophia Gross

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