Nia McCoy – What rights should people living in the U.S. have ?

I think people in the U.S. should have the same rights that they have now: Social, economical, and political rights. Such as freedom of speech, the right to work, and the right to work. Minorities and for the most part African Americans always struggled and fought for the same rights and opportunities as white people. The 13th Amendment freed slaves but left them in a sort of gray area, technically they were free but really could not do anything. They were free people who had practically no rights, which they were entitled to and deserved. It was not until the 15th Amendment when they got a FEW rights. I think that people are afraid of different from what they know. Therefore many are discriminated against for their race, religion, etc. These are issues that were present during the Reconstruction Era as well as now. Barack Obama talked to a group of Muslim people in a mosque. He was saying that the fear and how these people feel is just plain wrong. Many of them said they are afraid of being sent away simply because of their religion. They were often labeled as dangerous and terrorists just because of the violent acts of a few. According to a poll nearly half americans think Muslims are anti-american. This is wrong and it really shows the state of our nation. Back during the Reconstruction Era many people were not treated equal and with the same respect. This problem still exists but it has fortunately gotten better over time. Hopefully one day soon everyone would have the same rights and actually have them be applied to them. Many groups of people have protests and also have riots because of injustice and rights. All of the conflict and issues could be prevented if everyone received equal attention and had the same rights. Everyone in the U.S. deserves them as I have previously stated. The Reconstruction Era was supposed to benefit black people and help them transition from slavery. Many things that were meant to be helpful were not carried out and many racist groups and organizations were formed. Black people did nothing to receive the harsh treatment that they did. But I think because they were different white people felt as though they were lower than them and did not deserve nearly as much respect, rights, etc. as they did. If all the people were american citizens they all should have gotten and should get the same as everyone else. Everyone should have the right to work when they can. No one should get discriminated against and have fewer opportunities than others. Everyone should have the right to have and share their political views. All people living in the U.S. should be able to share their opinions. They should also be able to coexist in an environment with people different from them. People should be able to belong to a religion without any prejudice towards them.                 



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