My teacher gave me the question for this blog, “What rights should people living in the US have?”. I thought over and over again about the question and then family members began to pop into my head. Thinking of my aunt who just became a citizen and my uncle who visits the US every now and then I realized. See having family who were illegal citizens and knowing how tough life was for them, I believe that people living in the US should have the right to build a future for themselves and to live freely without any restrictions due to their race, sex, or religion. Also I believe that people living in the US should have the right to obtain a job even if it only pays minimum wage. Along with that I believe that every person living in the US should have the right to vote since they are living in the US among actual citizens they deserve to vote for what happens in the country they are living in. Since the Reconstruction Era people have tried their best to equalize the status of others no matter race, sex, or religion. A group known throughout the Reconstruction Era as the Freedmen’s Bureau helped several people, white and black, to regain a life of their own after slavery. Although groups like the Freedmen’s Bureau tried to help those in need and give them a equal opportunity to establish a life, it doesn’t mean that others weren’t against the idea of trying to level the “weak” with the “strong”. Gene Simmons former member of the band KISS once said, “We must learn from our past mistakes otherwise we are doomed to repeat them.” Gene like many others such as Martin Luther King Jr, and Nelson Mandela believed that everyone deserved to live together peacefully. Even with many hoping for change nothing really has changed sadly in today’s society. In the Reconstruction Era many were mistreated, killed, and dishonored only because no one like the color of their skin or where they come from. That sounds a lot like today’s society doesn’t it. From the mouth of President Donald Trump, came the words “Drug dealers, criminals, and rapists” when he described latino’s and those of color in general. What is not surprising is that many US citizens follow behind him and agree with the disrespect he says about others of color. Just like how whites back then considered blacks as nothing more than manure, whites are now disgracing all other races and ethnicities that aren’t their own. If we do not come together to change the US who will. We are the future of the US and what is to come. If we stand together we can make a world where no one has to be ashamed or scared because of who they are. Where everyone has an opportunity to make something out of their life and actually succeed. From the great Nelson Mandela came the quote, “We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in YOUR hands to make a difference”. If we come together we can make the US into what it should be, peace. This is my response to my teacher’s question. We, the people in the US, deserve to have the right to live together peacefully, and to be considered equal no matter one’s race, sex, or religion.


CC BY-SA 4.0 America, Land For The Free or Home For The Brave? by Francisco is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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