Author: Jaime

Senior Defense Discussion – Mindfulness

Hello, my name is Jaime Orozco and I am presenting a topic that I want to research for a research project.  

This is a project we get when we are seniors, which is called senior defense. We have to pass it in order for us to graduate high school. A topic that I was interested in is how mindfulness can help people that are sick because I have seen so many stories about how many people are able to live longer when they are sick.  I am interested in the way that they have the power to overcome the sickness by doing something that they like do. A documentary that I saw that was about a younger guy that found out he had cancer.  His dad asked him: What are your goals in life? He responded that he would love to buy a Nissan GTR, so they went to buy that car.  He decided to fix it up and do a wrap on his car in the color orange so that he can raise awareness for people that are dealing with the same situation. The way that he  came up with this makes me wonder what if many other people that are sick like him do the same thing – take the best out of the situation, embrace it and make it something that makes them happy. If they can put their sickness to the side and do something they love, they can focus more on the thing that they’re passionate about rather than on their sickness. I think this would help many people because there might be other side effects from medication and treatments.  Finding treatment in something they love, instead of medication, could demonstrate that the body heals itself.

Please let me know what you think!