The technology boom that commence in the late 20th century and is now integrated as part of society in the 21st century introducing many important tools for communication, entertainment and productivity. These developments such as the radio,tv ,computers, and smartphones placed a significant amount of information and communication into our fingertips and is part of our lives now. “It is important to know the role technology plays in modern society,” without it society will not be as advanced as it is today. Most of the jobs perform in America today requires the skill of knowing how to use a form of technology. Most job rely on technology rather than labor or manual work, and a growing number of people are seen working in offices with their computers, rather than construction sites or in factories. The U.S department of labor predicted that service jobs will rise, while manufacturing, manual labor, and construction jobs will decline. It is important that children embrace technology, especially technology that focuses on communication.  

The numerous amount of technology available for youth today provide important teaching opportunities. With an overload of information, kids don’t necessarily need to be taught survival and wilderness skill. They can easily find the news and information they need through the media. Digital technology rapidly scales the technological world, which allows the flowering of creativity and innovation, “Technological change is driven by human creativity, and in turn provides new contexts and tools for creative output.” Daniel Pink stated as society becomes more advanced the “left-brain” which is more logical is not going to be as important as the “right brain” which is the more creative side. With this innovation of technology, it allows us to create content, rather than summarize and repeat it. A good example of this is youtube. Many people who have difficulty in subjects can watch certain tutors on youtube to help them with their struggle. The audience then could speak back to the creator, if they agree or if they don’t understand. Individual can also follow their interest more easily online given to the wide access to resource and information.

With this in mind, there are some solutions to help enhance creativity for society. The first step is to reduce the use of technology and allow people to daydream, write, exercise, and hangout with friends. Media can influence how people feel, which is why it is important to start practicing good habits at a young age so that people in general won’t have emotional or physical problems. With the overuse of technology it could cause obesity, sleep problems, risky behaviors, and cyberbullying. A good way to prevent this from happening is to spend some time outside by going on a walk, playing sports, and socializing without the phones. Another way to enhance creativity is using technology to help you rather than using for leisure. It is tempting to say that technology has made us more creative, but it is obvious that technology has transformed human beings.

With the ability to have technology in the palm of your hand, it allows students in the classroom to be creative. Many professors and teachers are using technology to help students get creative. They can ask students “to step out their comfort zone and produce their own piece of media, we are asking students to be creative, to think in a variety of ways, and to apply their learning through the use of technology”. It allows students in the STEM project to be more creative than ever. Students have the chance to build virtual models of their devices. Technology is also advancing growth in the gaming industry with accessible games to solutions of every-day problems. Lastly, students in higher education are able to share their creative work to students who need help through social media so that everyone could benefit.

If technology is overused and becomes more of an addiction rather than a habit or hobby, it could cause creativity to be limited. However, if it use for a purpose such as school or balanced throughout your everyday life, technology is not a bad tool and could help enhance your imagination.

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